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Why Should Brands Think About Making AI a Part of Their Online Strategy?

If you look around you will find that AI is impacting the world. It is performing the tasks that humans used to. However, here we are not going to talk about robots ruling all over our lives and taking away our jobs. Instead, here we will delve into the fact that the way AI can assist businesses and their employees and help organizations work more effectively, creatively, and innovatively.

Today, AI is improving our lives in several ways. For instance, it’s enabling the doctors to detect cancer, lawyers win cases, and teachers to personalize the school lessons for students. And today, it’s just the leading names like Facebook and Google that are counting on AI, even the start-ups and daily entrepreneurs are trying to make the most of this technology. Some of the standard segments where entrepreneurs and organizations use AI comprise of human resources, online advertising, retail, and customer service. To know more about AI and other allied aspects, you can check out

Apple and its use of Artificial Intelligence

Today, most entrepreneurs call AI the technology for the decade. Today, it has changed several industries and the way the IT domain works. Being a technology giant, Apple Inc. had embraced AI for a long time and developed a smarter and quieter approach. In June 2020, when it announced its macOS, iPad, and iOS, Apple pointed towards updates and features centered around ML and AI. A few announcements didn’t get made onstage and a few AI use didn’t get identified, but no one could deny its presence.

For instance, let’s look at the Apple Homekit, an intelligent home solution that enables the users to communicate and control with the connected accessories making use of their app. And with this solution, the users offer a way for configuring the accessories and generating actions for controlling them. Today, the users can club their actions together and trigger it to use Siri. The brand also enabled a Homekit-driven security camera for using the images tagged on a person’s phone for recognizing them when they arrive at the door. It will also name the person standing at your door.

The business functions that are apt for AI

Several organizations in multiple industry verticals are witnessing the advantages of AI in their respective business. It includes lesser errors, better decision-making, maximized efficiency, and increased accuracy. Here are a few of the business functions where AI use can be beneficial.

  1. Better business decision and management –AI will assess vast data amounts fast. And the organizations will need to arrive at data-based decisions informed by learning from the recent data and earlier experiences. AI enables them to do this. Additionally, because most organizations have many data accessible, they can apply the data science procedures like machine learning and data analytics. It will enable them to arrive at informed decisions by assessing the business data in a whole new way.
  2. Enhanced customer experience with AI –AI can assess consumer behavior and make predictions about the way they will respond in the future. Hence, organizations that use AI can customize the user experience depending on all they are learning. The prominence of social media and mobile apps has enabled organizations to track consumer behavior and make it simpler to provide a customized customer behavior. Furthermore, organizations with AI-based chatbots can answer the fundamental client questions and can bring down the calls to consumer support lines. There are still several organizations requiring human agents to manage more complex questions. However, AI is capable of carrying out repetitive tasks.
  3. Maximized sales with AI – Several organizations are making use of AI to enable in better decision making. For instance, they are able to predict better about the services and the products that the consumers will show an interest in. And making use of this data, the sales managers can generate effective strategies that will increase sales for the organization.
  4. Human resource and better hiring –Are you wondering how human resources can benefit from AI? The recruiters can make use of AI for helping in reducing the bias by making use of metrics and data to help the process. The hiring process based on AI gets blended with human intuition and can also be precise instead of getting based on a person’s judgment. Today, making use of data and metrics, organizations can arrive at intelligent decisions concerning business challenges. For instance, a program can assess credentials, candidates, resumes, and how they perform in the interviews. After that it can move through the candidate pool and arrive at the ideal matches. But the final hiring decision will get made by humans.
  5. Marketing and AI –In a marketing domain, AI gets used for learning about the consumers depending on online data. Several companies possess ample data in the consumer databases they use to forecast the products that a consumer will want. For instance, if you buy a costly product using your credit card, then an online store can provide you with a discount or coupon on any other product that you might buy.

How can AI impact humans in their workspace?

The very concept that machine intelligence will be able to match up to human intelligence was initially proposed by Alan Turing, a mathematician in 1950. Today, AI is getting used in several ways for ensuring that our lives are better. It’s helping us with challenging tasks and are ensuring that we can get it done ourselves. The truth about AI is that it can set us free from everyday routines and enable us to become more creative, productive, and innovative. AI is our future. It enables us to arrive at intelligent decisions, enhances sales by developing customized marketing pitches, and automates follow-ups. It offers great customer insights, enhances analytics, and can also help in the hiring practices for reducing bias depending on a person’s judgment. To conclude, AI is one advanced tool that organizations should add to their online strategy for the future.

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