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Five Great In-Person Marketing Ideas

While it is essential to have a significant presence online, there is nothing out there that can beat the power of in-person, physical marketing. This helps to give people a tangible sense of your company’s presence, allowing you to have the best chance of success. If you are used to being based in the digital sphere, it is definitely recommended to read this guide which will introduce you to five simple marketing ideas that you can engage with in-person right now.

Custom Clothing

No matter what industry your workers are involved in, it helps them to have a uniform in order to stand out. A uniform that incorporates your company colors and your logo is crucial for your brand to be recognized. Items like custom hats or jackets and shirts will look great with your logo plastered on and will allow you to promote your brand to the best of your ability.

Hold an Event

When it comes to getting people excited about what your brand has to offer, one of the best ways to achieve this is by holding a dedicated event. If you mention that you are offering both free food and drink, you will undoubtedly be able to convince people to come and see how your company differs from your competitors. However, before you hold an event, make sure that you are complying with all coronavirus restrictions, especially now as the Omicron variant surges across the globe.


If you want to meet people and inspire them with your business philosophy, it might be a great idea to host in-person workshops. Through these, you will be able to promote the ideas of your business in a coherent and exciting way and learn from others at the same time, making for an excellent platform for collaboration. It would be worth consulting with your marketing team to see whether or not running a workshop is the right choice for your business team.

Street Marketing

It might be daunting to think of at first but meeting potential customers and engaging with them on the street is one of the best ways to boost interest in your business. Going out into the big wide world to meet people makes your business personal as it implies that you are interested in getting to know your customers.

As many viral stunts have shown, these can be an excellent way to drum up a lot of free publicity as well as bring in demographics that you might not have been able to successfully target online. Just make sure that the people you hire to canvas on the street are polite and fit in with the brand image you wish to promote because you don’t want to get a negative reputation for yourself if passersby start to feel harassed or coerced.


There is nothing out there that can grab someone’s attention in the physical world like a giant billboard. If you can afford it, billboards are an attractive marketing tool as passersby can’t help but notice them. If employing billboards, have a proper think about where you place them to gain the most attention.

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