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Interior Decor Design Tips For Small Bathrooms

One of the biggest realities of modern lifestyle is the space crunch we all have to deal with in our homes. As more people shift to big cities with small apartments, and Small Bathroomsour rooms shrink further down, including our bathrooms. But we want our homes, small as they may be, to look beautiful. And bathrooms are also a very important part of our homes, so why shouldn’t we spend some time in decorating them to our heart’s desire without worrying about their size? So let us all put our heads together and transform our small bathrooms into comfortable rooms that scream homeliness from every corner.

Here are a few tips for transforming our small bathrooms into stunning spaces-


First, list the absolute non-negotiable aspects of our bathrooms. Some people want a bathtub but is it essential? Maybe we can just install a classy showerhead instead of a bathtub. Some people want gorgeous shower curtains, but it is much better to replace them with beautiful stained glass panels that will also give an excellent spacious illusion to the bathroom, making it seem larger. The most crucial thing is to remember to keep the space light and airy, do not block the windows, or else the space will look smaller. Lighter colors on the wall, stand-alone basins, wall-mounted toilets, faucets, and big windows are some essentials to make a small bathroom appear larger and more welcoming.


Well, a bathroom needs to store certain items at all times, such as soap, shower gels, toothpaste, toothbrushes, robes, and towels, and it is going to be difficult to maneuver in a small space if we add full-fledged bulky closets for the same. So we need to add space with the help of in-wall shelves, ledges, handlebars, and hooks that can be positioned cleverly on walls and above the washbasin. Every time someone walks into the bathroom, they should be able to get everything they need at arm’s length and yet marvel at the spaciousness of the stunning space.


 It includes colors, textures, and patterns that one can mix and match to create an effortlessly chic bathroom on a budget. Just pop a splash of color to create a fun vibe. Keep one wall mirrored and see how it glitters up other corners too. Choose a few psychedelic-colored bathroom floor tiles to make the space look bold. Using a small rug in the dry corner will also completely change how people look at your bathroom. They will not stop admiring it.


Wallpapers, Mirrors, Paintings, Lamps, and a bevy of other small knick-knacks will instantly create a magical space inside that tiny bathroom. While mirrors immediately double up the space, any painting creates a focal point to concentrate the attention of any visitor giving a serene and calm feel. Lamps juxtaposed against the mirrors will create a beautiful kaleidoscope illusion that will transport anyone to their childhood. You can also use themed paneling such as -cartoon-themed, nautical-themed, Disney-themed, and nature-themed, and see how easily people forget the size of the bathroom when compared to how much beautiful it looks.

All we need is a little creativity to completely change the nature of our bathroom, converting it into a welcoming space rather than a small cramped room.

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