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What to Expect from a Good Self-Storage Facility?

Whether you are moving out or just need to get rid of some items at home because you are sick and tired of daily de-cluttering after your kids, a self-storage service is the best alternative.

It’s good to know that all around the UK, there are many companies offering storage facilities. Unfortunately, like in every other sphere in the free economy, not all the services are of the highest quality.

To be honest with you, we have encountered many suspicious firms with pretty unsecured units during our research. It is a must for you to do your own homework before taking the first storage facility offer you receive. On mandatory, research the company in advance.

Here are the things to focus on.

What is a self-storage facility?

If you have never rented a storage facility, you should start by understanding what exactly it is. It’s nothing else but a big premise where to put your unwanted, old, used, seasonal, or too valuable items. You can even run your own business from there.

At a concrete price, you get the right to use the unit however you want, but of course, according to the company’s conditions and rules. The price is usually determined by the renting period.

This is a flexible service so that you can fix your own deadline, but in all cases, the short-term rents are always cheaper than the long-term ones. Make sure to find a company that offers them both to have a choice.

A Variety of Storage Facility Sizes

The other factor for the price determination of a rented storage facility is how big it is. In the UK, you can find pretty small units where only your seasonal wardrobe can fit and huge spaces for a 3-bedroom apartment furniture accommodation.

Yet, know that a good self-storage company doesn’t offer just a small and big option. On the contrary, the best storage facility provider has many alternatives starting from 5×10, 10×10, and 10×20 and ending up with the record-breaking 10×30 size.

Regular Self Storage Access

How often you can visit and check on your items is something that shows the company’s reputation, too.

If customers are allowed 24/7 in their own storage units, then the company has nothing to hide during the rest of the time and provides a top-notched modern safety system that works for any individual client.

Receiving the chance to have your own belongings at your disposal is a good sign, so you should consider a company with such an option.

Maximum Storage Security

Speaking of safety, modern storage companies advance mainly in this feature. They tend to implement reliable and optimal systems for video surveillance and maximum protection of all stored items.

In addition to these, a good self-storage facility on mandatory has an individual locking mechanism. To access your own rented unit, you can use a password or a card/key/chip, and you name it.

Storage Flexibility

For how long can I use my short-term rented facility? Is it possible to pay extra for bigger insurance coverage? Can I buy some cardboard boxes for packing directly from the company?

The more “Yes” answers you get, the more trustworthy the company is. Storage units are made exactly for this struggle in life – getting more flexibility with using our possessions without keeping them at home.

So it is definitely a must for the company to be flexible and capable of adjusting to anyone’s individual schedule of visits, interests, and requirements.

Good Location

If you go on a vacation and just need to store your car safely, you might not care where the facility is located.

However, if you are moving out, being as close as possible to the storage facility is mandatory. It will save you time and money on fuel.

The same goes for all people who plan to sell the things they store in the unit. Arranging visits and checks with the customers regularly could be overwhelming if the meeting point is too far away from your home.

Good Customer Reviews

Here’s the easiest way to determine if the company is reliable. Just see what people say about it.

In a time when the internet knows and says everything, reading client reviews for any service, product, brand, or company is the most natural thing to start with for your research.

Make sure to read as many testimonials as possible because sometimes, the companies with negative ratings tend to leave the worst reviews in the end.

Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Option

Climate-controlled storage facilities represent the innovative progress of the industry. Here’s why if a company offers such a service, it shows how modern-thinking and fast-progressive it is.

The climate-controlled unit is made to permanently support the same optimal room temperature and reduce the humidity level to zero. These inside conditions make storing any object possible without the risk of damage, fading and other omissions.

Self Storage Cost

How important is the pricelist of a storage company? In a time when everything has become so expensive, it’s pretty important.

What we want to warn you, though, is that too cheap storage units should be better avoided. You know what people are used to saying – cheap always gets expensive.

To make savings, you should better look for regular discounts. And the best option you have is to discover a company that balances affordable rates with high-quality attendance.


What about you? What would you insist on when looking for a storage unit? Do you have your own rating system to determine how reliable a company is? Don’t hesitate to share your secret for decent customer research of the best storage service with us.

And, of course, feel free to use our guides from above too. They represent the minimum of what you should search for in your next rented storage facility.

We truly wish you luck in the selection of a proper place for storing items!

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