Why Taking Care of Your Staff is Vital When Running a Business

Many things go into running a business, and all of them are important and require your attention if you want to be successful. Managing your business finances and keeping on top of the accounts, creating eye-catching and engaging marketing campaigns, providing excellent customer service, and developing your business brand are some of the key things that might come to mind when you’re thinking about how to manage a company. However, looking after your staff  shouldn’t be overlooked and is another vital key to making your business thrive. Below are some reasons why keeping your employees happy is so important, and what you can do to make sure the morale is high in your offices.

A Low Turnover of Staff

You need a strong, reliable team of employees working with you if you want your business to be successful, but if your team is unhappy, they aren’t going to be with you for long. Not only does a high turnover of staff disrupt the workflow of your team and put added pressure on them, but it can also make you look bad as an employer. The truth is that people talk, so if you have a lot of employees leaving because they are dissatisfied with your company, eventually word is going to get out and put people off applying for your job vacancies. Make sure your team feels valued, respected, and supported to create a strong relationship between management and staff.

Increase Productivity

The happier your teams are, the more likely they are to push themselves at work. If they respect you as an employer, they will want to go the extra mile to help you out when you’re all battling through busier periods. Encouraging team spirit and becoming friends is another way you can increase productivity because they are more excited to work together on various projects and help each other out. Although some employers might be nervous that employees that are too friendly may act unprofessionally, this isn’t always the case. It’s much better for there to be positive, friendly relationships in the workplace rather than toxic rivalry or your employees feeling isolated from their peers and unable to ask for help.


Your reputation as an employer is important, but there are other ways your employees can help promote your business if they are kept happy. They will tell others how great your company is to work for, but if you have a company ethos that they can be proud of, they will also be singing your praises more generally. Got a new product coming out soon? If your employees are enthusiastic about working for you, they’ll be enthusiastic about what you’re selling too and will tell their friends and family all about it. They might also tag your company in some of their social media posts, which could be used as free and positive promotion, depending on your company rules.

How Can You Treat Your Employees Well?

Those are some of the key reasons why looking after your employees is so important, but how can you make sure you’re doing this? It takes more than a fair wage to keep people happy, and the younger generation of employees are now expecting much more from their employers to get job satisfaction. Here are some of the best ways to make sure your teams are being treated right and kept happy at your company.


Training your employees will help them do their job better, but it will also help keep them safe. You must make sure that all new team members are getting adequate training when they begin working for your company and that they have access to refresher sessions each year or when they want to move into a new role within your company. If you’re a small business owner who doesn’t have a lot of time to focus on developing your training material or managing other HR tasks, seek the help of firms like this one that provides HR services Salt Lake City. They can help you with your payroll management, recruitment process, recording annual leave and sickness, and much more.


If you want your employees to feel secure in their job and that they have the opportunity to progress within your company, having regular appraisals with them is key. Whether you’re carrying out these meetings yourself or getting your management team to do it, these one-on-one chats allow you the opportunity to provide your employees with feedback on their performance. You can come up with a plan together to help them make improvements where necessary, but they can also share their concerns with you if they have any.

A Good Salary

Money isn’t everything, but you must be paying your employees a fair wage at the very least. If you can, offering your staff higher than average salaries for roles is even better. Financial security is something that everyone looks for in a job, so if you can set yourself apart from other businesses by showing that you can offer your employees this, that will make you a more desirable company to work for.


As mentioned above, it takes more than a decent wage to keep employees satisfied, so if you can’t afford to increase their salaries, you need to find a way to make up for this in other ways. Things like keeping the fridge in the break room stocked with tasty treats and beverages they can help themselves to, or hiring a masseuse to visit the office once a month to give your team a relaxing massage. Perhaps looking at how you can offer them more flex-time or more opportunities to work from home could also be beneficial. All of these perks are great ways to show your employees how much you do appreciate them.

Ask for Their Feedback

Finally, asking your employees to give you feedback on how well they think you’re doing is key. You can ask them to fill out an anonymous feedback survey; with this information, you can learn about where they think you can improve as a company to make their lives a bit easier in the workplace.

Your employees are essential to keeping your business alive and running smoothly, so make sure you’re showing them some respect and love with these tips.

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