When Is the Best Time to Deploy My Email Marketing Campaign?

Are your email marketing campaigns as effective as they could be? Probably not.

Whether you are missing the mark by a little or a lot, we can all do something to make our email campaigns smarter. We often focus on the content of our emails, using this as the major factor in whether the campaign is successful or not. 

But an effective email marketing strategy needs to focus on timing, as well. 

So, the big question is when is the best time to deploy your email campaign?

In this article, we will answer that question for you!

1. At Times When People Read Their Emails

Whether you are using a drip campaign or one-off promotions, you want to be hitting people’s inboxes right when they are at their computer and dealing with their emails is a priority. 

What this means is that you want your emails to be sent at some time between 9 am and 11 am on weekday mornings. 

2. When You Need to Reach New Customers

Smart marketing differentiates between existing customers and new customers. You don’t want to be emailing both groups at the same time with the same email.

So, when you are looking to build your customer basis, it’s a good time to be establishing a tailored email marketing campaign just for that purpose.

3. Right After You Sent the First One

This is one of the most important email marketing tips: you need to follow up on leads!

A good email marketer doesn’t just send one email and hope people respond to it. Instead, they use marketing analytics to work out who opened the first email, and who actually clicked through to the website.

These are what you call warm leads. You can create an email marketing funnel by designing a follow-up email just for these warm leads. You can even let them know that you’re aware they clicked on the email. 

Get them a little bit curious by using subject lines like, ‘Were you checking us out?’

Striking while the iron is hot is the best way to boost your conversion ration. 

4. When You Have Something to Offer

Another effective email marketing campaign strategy is to let your customers know when you actually have something to offer. If you are having a sale or offering some kind of promotion, people are much more likely to get excited about your email. 

Try to keep your emails to a minimum if you do this. That way, people will know that, when you send an email, you really have something to say!

A Good Email Marketing Campaign Takes Time

Hopefully, now you know how to better time your email marketing campaign. 

But there is another aspect of time that is important here. You aren’t always going to get your email campaigns right the first time. You need to get to know your customers better and refine your message as well.

So, don’t be disheartened if you get a poor response. Try and try again!

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