What Is the Benefit of Solar Panels?

The sun is a powerful energy source and now we’re learning to utilize even a fraction of its power through solar panels. It’s growing in popularity for homes and businesses. 

In fact, according to data from energy.gov, the US generated 20% of its electricity from renewable energy sources, and that number is set to grow. 

The question is, exactly what is the benefit of solar panels and how do they work?

First, what is a solar panel? Two layers of a substance like silicone with photovoltaic cells form the panel. The sun shines down on a solar panel and the PV cells turn the light into DC electricity, then the current passes through the inverter where it’s converted to AC electricity and fed through a meter giving you clean energy to power your home. 

How does it benefit you to invest in them, though? Keep reading for our solar panel guide and explore the advantages in more detail. 

Save Money on Energy Bills 

It’s no secret that energy fees are on the rise, but solar energy gives you protection against those rising costs. Because you will be using the free energy from solar panels, you won’t rely on power from the grid, thus lowering your usage fees. 

Solar power will work even in cloudy weather, but if you’re lucky enough to live in a humid and temperate climate, then you have the ideal environment for energy to thrive.

This is just the first of many benefits, and if it sounds like you can make the most of these conditions then head over to blueravensolar.com for more information and a quote. 

Increase Your Home Value 

Adding solar panels to your house is an investment, and because it takes away your reliance on the grid, it increases the value of your home. You offer an enticement for anyone looking for an energy-efficient home, and houses with solar panels are more valuable than those without. 

Environmental Benefits 

They use renewable energy from the sun, which means solar panels are very environmentally friendly. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, this is the way to do it.

Fossil fuels like coal and natural gas emit harmful gases, and when you install solar panels, you reduce your use of these forms of energy, and in effect, reduce the negative impact on air pollution and climate change. 

Long-Lasting Energy

Fossil fuels are not an unending resource, but solar power is. It’s a renewable source of energy, which means, that as long as we have the sun, we have power. It’s also a form of energy that is available all over the world. 

Low Maintenance 

Solar systems don’t require much maintenance. Most suppliers offer warranties, and while it’s recommended you get your panels cleaned a couple of times a year for optimum performance, they have no moving parts, so the only other part that might need service is the inverter. 

What Is the Benefit of Solar Panels?

If you’ve been asking yourself, ‘what is the benefit of solar panels?’, we hope the information we’ve provided has answered that question. 

Some final solar panel tips we recommend, keep your panels clean, buy a battery to store energy and when the sun shines, and make the most of it by charging your electronics. 

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