Vehicle Monitoring Device Is a Wonder for the Fleet Owners

In addition to making our lives easier, GPS technology has revolutionized the idea of doing business, in particular for fleet owners. A car tracking system that allows businesses to achieve high efficiency and profitability on any scale. It is useful for any company. This equipment is definitely a savior to companies that have to deploy their vehicles every day. Thanks to this technology, even small enterprises can survive on the market happily. Find out how fleet owners have increased their production, performance and improved customer performance through vehicle tracking technology.

24/7 Vehicle Surveillance:

Fleet owners can now know their vehicle location and valued properties whenever they wish with their vehicle tracking device. They will check the time taken for vehicles to reach their destination and if time was wasted. Fleet proprietors can better protect their assets and their employees against harm by having complete visibility on the location of their assets, vehicles and employees.

Scale Savings:

Fleet owners have seen enormous economies of scale from the vehicle tracking system. These companies are able to save fuel costs by optimizing routes and controlling unnecessary idling. By monitoring the efficiency of fleet drivers, they can also save enormously in labor costs. In a nutshell, improved routing, elimination of unauthorized use and reduction in idling have demonstrated a strong impact on the cost reduction of float owners.

Monitoring of Workers:

Loss of employee efficiency led to considerable losses for enterprises. But now fleet owners can control their fuel costs, employees’ misuse of cars, erratic mileage usage and so on with the help of the vehicle tracking system. Because fleet owners know exactly what they do while on the driver’s seat, their employees are kept conscious of their behavior and urging them to operate as efficiently as possible.

Safety Assurance:

Fleet owners can ensure important assets are reached in time and harmless by means of a vehicle tracking system. In case of an unwanted situation, Fleet Owners can follow their vehicles and staff only by sending assistance to that point or alarming officials at that location. This ensures the driver, the car and the assets are safe.

Enhancement of Insurance Deals:

Insurance firms also provide the car monitoring systems with better rates, since this means a lower rate of incidents and theft. Therefore, it becomes even easier for fleet owners to install a vehicle tracking system.

It is important that companies do whatever they can to be the leading entity in today’s economic environment and competitive market. Vehicle tracker is surely able to tell fleet owners their story of success without serious setbacks, thanks to reasonable prices and a high return on investment.

The first-of-a-kind KENT Cam Eye has double camera that records all happening within and out of the car, and also makes it possible for the smartphone to stream live videos of both camera. It also monitors the car’s real-time GPS location and allows the path traveled on the map to be replayed. It also sends mobile phone operable warnings when something unusual is detected with Artificial Intelligence.

KENT CamEye is a 4 G powered plug&play plug-in mobile app installed on the front of the car windshield. It stores the videos that have been recorded on secure cloud storage and syncs them in real time. Also included is KENT CamEye battery and memory backup so even when the car is parked or out of the network.

The device uses a mobile application as a means of transmitting user information. Both Android and iOS mobile phones are available for the app. The user-friendly application gives the user the ability to view the car in real time, to retrieve the route they have traveled by coach for historical trips, to play videos from the cloud and much more. Historical data are retained on the cloud for 90 days according to the company. Another great feature for families is the possibility for multiple users to access one device.

KENT CamEye uses Artificial Intelligence in your car to detect unusual things. It can notify the owner of a car if an unknown person drives their car by using face recognition and matching. It can also detect whether the driver sleeps in the car with AC ON or whether a dressed or a newspaper blocks the view of either camera. Since KENT CamEye is a connected app, updates are sent periodically to users over the air (OTA) to provide new features. In the coming months, the company will implement features such as driver gesture recognition and driver fatigue detection.

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