Vaping dos and don’ts

Vaping is a relatively new and unfamiliar trend. There are plenty of people new to vaping, so we want to take a minute to fill you guys in on what vaping is, how it works, and what some basic dos and don’ts are for those looking into vaping.

A vaporizer – also known as an e-cigarette – is a device that produces vapor from liquid typically found in a cartridge. The liquid, known as E-Juice or E-Liquid, is heated to the point of vaporization by something called a Battery.

The act of inhaling from your vaporizer is known as vaping. Vaping has been around for years, but only recently has it become increasingly trendy.

The dos of vaping

– Do keep your vaping device clean

Vaping devices are generally quite simple. They can be easily cleaned and maintained. There is no longer any concern that they will catch fire or become clogged with a build-up of junk.

– Do use premium E-Liquid

Many people choose to use incorrect e-liquid, thinking that it’s okay since it “looks the same as other liquids.” This isn’t true! Vaping equipment works by heating up chemicals found in the liquid so the wrong ones can cause a lot of problems. Check out the range of flavors at

– Do keep the battery voltage low

A high voltage is not good for your e-cig. Many devices are capable of operating at a voltage of anywhere between 4.0 and 8.4 volts. This isn’t dangerous but it can cause the coil to burn out faster than it should, which in turn means that you will have to replace it more often.

– Do keep your batteries charged

It’s important to keep your batteries charged so you will always have plenty of power and won’t need another one as soon as you charge it again. Keep in mind that many e-cigarette batteries can last for months if given proper care and attention.

The don’ts of vaping

– Don’t vape without a vaporizer

This can result in a nasty chemical burn to your throat.

Don’t fill your vaporizer with an e-liquid designed for another type of vaporizer

The liquids are designed differently and therefore should never be mixed.

Don’t vape when it’s raining.

Don’t do this because it may cause your liquid to leak, which can potentially damage your battery or even worse: start a fire!

Don’t use a high voltage charger on a low voltage battery.

There are many low-voltage batteries out there, and they will work just fine with a low-voltage charger.

– Don’t use cheap e-liquid

Cheap E-Liquid can be dangerous because it may be filled with unnecessary ingredients that ruin the taste and make vaping more challenging.

– Don’t vape in your vehicle.

Vaping in your car may cause you to inhale toxic chemicals that are produced by the burning coil.

– Don’t leave your vaporizer near children or pets.

This is how accidents happen.

The bottom line with vaping is to just be careful. You know your body better than anyone else, so any weird symptoms or reactions should be taken seriously.

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