Uses of LED high bay lights

LED high bay lights are powerful light fixtures for high ceiling areas. High bays as the name suggests are for high ceiling areas. These areas have ceiling heights reaching near 50 feet. Low ceiling areas are categorised with ceiling heights under 20 feet.

In such places with large areas to cover ,every other fixture fails to deliver the adequate illumination except LED high bay lights. Here’s how:

Structure of LED high bay light

A LED high bay fixture is crafted for spaces which has specific needs in terms of the processes that are carried out in spaces like industries, warehouses, and other high ceiling areas. A high bay light is of two types:

1.  Linear high bays

Linear high bay fixtures are large rectangular fixtures. Their size extends nearly to 8-foot. These fixtures are largely used in industries and manufacturing plants as well as in spaces which require higher levels of illumination for various other reasons.

2.  Round high bays

Round high bay lights are also commonly known as UFO high bays. Despite the size and shape it does not compromise on the quality of lighting in areas which require high bay lights to adjust to proper functioning of the area. (For variety of high bay lights you can visit here.)

The structural components of a high bay light fixture are:


The frame of the fixture is made to withstand harsh external factors. It is made up of aluminum but it is available in die cast aluminum as well. The frame supports the rest of the structure. It is malleable and provides a heat sink for the fixture.


The lamps used in high bay lights are generally HID or HPS lamps as they are quite brighter than fluorescent lamps. But over the years they have proven to be highly inefficient in terms of working and durability. LED lamps on the other hand are cost effective and highly efficient given their energy consumption is less and they last for several years.

LED lamps can be integrated as retrofit lamps in old high bay fixtures.

USES of LED high bays

One of the biggest benefits of using high bay light is getting clear and bright light at all levels. They make use of high quality reflectors for enhanced spread of light across all levels. High bay lights are conventionally used:

In industries

In industrial facilities, the main concern is to ensure adequate supply of light across all levels with ceiling height reaching above 50 feet. Industrial facilities incorporate a lot of  processes under one roof which also involves use of heavy machinery. In such spaces, it is essential to foresee any measures  of lighting for feasibility of people working in that area as well as to keep the environment functional round the clock.

In warehouses

Warehouses are like the backbone of any industry. They serve as storage spaces for the most part, but at the same time assortment and small scale production of raw materials is also carried out in warehouses. They are multipurpose spaces and lined up with storage  shelves or machinery. Here bright and powerful lighting is quite important to ensure safe and effective assortment and supply of products for manufacturing. With good quality lighting that is produced by LED high bay lights, at all elevation levels the visibility and ambience is enhanced and it helps with uninterrupted flow of materials from warehouses to industries.

In  conventional centers

Conventional centers are usually public oriented spaces where various events or exhibitions take place. To accommodate a large gathering the first and foremost priority is always bright and powerful lighting. It helps with creating an ambient environment as well as provides a sense of safety among large gatherings. LED high bay lights are environment friendly fixtures and quite durable and effective. They can stay functional even in time of emergencies.

In hospitals

In large hospitals, several surgical procedures are carried out which require powerful bright light for enhanced focus. Also in waiting areas or general spaces around the hospital with higher ceilings, good quality lighting is needed which can only be achieved by use of LED high bay lights. These fixtures also function on green lighting technology which is safe and does not contain any harmful radiation. The light from these fixtures are glare free and prevents headaches and migraines.

In gymnasiums

Gymnasiums are also public oriented spaces and for those with ceilings higher than 20 feet accommodating a lot of machinery for exercises as well as space for people require a lot of good quality lighting. High bay light fixtures are available in a variety of lumen outputs as well as colour temperatures to suit the lighting needs of any high ceiling areas.


Airports are functional round the clock hence LED high bay fixtures are essential around night time. They are known to accommodate large machinery for transportation of goods. The hangars tend to have high ceilings for maintenance work and therefore they require a lot of lighting. For ambience and to accommodate modern day requirements it is highly favourable to use LED high bay lights.


LED high bay fixtures have redefined the use of powerful lighting in places where general lighting is highly essential to carry out day to day tasks. These fixtures are safe and effective in multipurpose spaces and do not limit the possibilities one can create with general lighting. They can be customised according to a subjective layout and are a good value for money. LED high bay lights last longer than usual fixtures while they reduce electricity and maintenance cost by a huge margin. They consume less energy, produce more light which is uniform and allows the user to have control over it to fit the needs of the space at any given moment.

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