The Different Types of Earrings: A Style Guide

With the global jewelry market┬ásize reaching $330 billion US dollars in 2019, it’s safe to say that people love jewelry!

One of the most popular kinds of jewelry is earrings, which date back to Africa more than four thousand years ago. 

In the thousands of years that earrings have been in fashion, several earring styles have emerged as staples in every collection. Today, we’re breaking down these types of earrings and why you need them to step up your look!


A ‘stud’ refers to an earring with a post. Studs are many people’s first earrings as they are safe and easy to pierce with.

Studs can be diamond, gold, silver, gemstone, glass, or plastic. They are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors and can be dressed up or down for any outfit.

A variation of the stud, the ear jacket, is a kind of earring whose design features on the back of the earlobe.


Huggies are a popular earring style reminiscent of small hoops. They are often made of gold, silver, or other metals and can be plain or embellished.

Not sure how to style these earrings?

Huggies are most often worn among other earring styles as they are great for layering. Pair them with a semi-formal outfit for an effortlessly chic look. 

One of the most popular designers of huggie earrings is Georg Jensen, whose collection offers a variety of huggie designs.


A step up from huggies, hoops are among the most ancient earring styles in the world. Hoops have existed for over 4,000 years, originating in Nambia and Sumer around 2,500 BC. 

Hoop earrings have been a staple in fashion for the entirety of their existence. Gold hoops in particular have never gone out of style.

This category of jewelry also includes the j-hoop, a style that resembles classic hoops without the continual oval shape.

Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are an artistic earring option made to look like the wearer has more piercings than they actually do.

This unique earring style is great for layering, and looks its best when placed on one ear for an asymmetrical, fun look!

Ear Climbers

Wearing earrings is a way to express your identity. Show off your romantic side with ear climbers, which are long earrings that appear to climb up your ears.

These whimsical earrings often resemble stars, flowers, or leaves. 

Their backs make them distinguishable from ear cuffs, as ear climbers use an innovative ear-hugging wire to secure the earring to your ear.

Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings feature intricate designs that hang below your ear where the backing secures to the lobe. 

Movement causes these earrings to dangle back and forth, which is where they get their name from.

This dramatic type of earring, which includes its chandelier variant, elevates and glamorizes any look!

Drop Earrings

A cousin to the dangle, drop earrings are a delicate type of earring that compliment feminine looks.

Drop earrings tend to remain stationary and imitate frozen water droplets, unlike their free-moving counterpart. 

Often featuring pearl, moonstone, or other gemstones, these earrings have a dainty silhouette and add a flirty flair to any look. 


Threader earrings are perhaps the most unique earring style on this list. 

Made to look like they have been threaded through your ear, they feature a fine metal chain that hangs on either side of the earlobe.

Some are straight and sway back and forth, while others feature fixed shapes that keep them still. Either way, they are a great option if you’re looking to add subtle detail to spice up your look! 

Incorporate These Types of Earrings to Elevate Your Look

Earrings are a fun and easy way to elevate your style and showcase your individuality.

With so many styles, shapes, and colors to choose from, these types of earrings can be styled for any person or any occasion!

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