Just Keep Running: 5 Signs You Need to Get Treadmill Repair

Have you set fitness goals you’d like to reach with your in-home treadmill?

Like other fitness equipment, your treadmill needs maintenance throughout the year to keep it running. A slipping belt, burnt circuit board, or speed control failure could injure you and damage the machine.

Are you experiencing these common problems on your treadmill? Here are five signs you need a treadmill repair.

1. You Have a Worn Belt

Your treadmill belt’s lifetime depends on the thickness of your belt and how much you use your treadmill. If you haven’t maintained your treadmill belt over the years, it’s likely that you have a worn belt.

While this may seem insignificant, a worn belt can begin to wear down the motor and other machine components through friction.

Examine the seam for tears and the belt for overall wear. Use your best judgment on the condition of your treadmill belt and whether you need to replace it.

2. The Belt Slips

Have you ever experienced sudden stopping on your treadmill while you’re running on it? This might be a sign that your belt is too loose.

Your treadmill belt should always have enough tension with the deck so that you could slip your arm underneath it to about the middle of the width.

A loose belt does not hold tension well and will cause disruptions to your exercise on your in-home treadmill.

This treadmill repair is quite easy. Take a wrench and tighten the back of your treadmill evenly and check the belt tension again. You should still be able to stick your hand under the belt, but not so far this time.

3. The Speed Fluctuates

This is a scary one that could seriously injure you. Speed control failure is one of the signs that your in-home treadmill needs repair.

If your treadmill’s speed changes on its own while you’re on the machine, you need to get it looked at as soon as possible.

An uncontrollable treadmill speed could indicate problems with the belt, the DC board, or even shorts in the electrical. Do not keep using the machine before a professional can check out what’s wrong with it! 

4. You Smell Something Burning

Any smell of burning from an electrical device should alarm you, let alone one that you’re exercising on.

If you smell anything burning from your treadmill, get off and turn off the machine. Examine the source of the smell.

The burning smell may be due to a clogged motor, dry belt, or electrical shorting. You can vacuum inside, around the motor while the machine is off, or lubricate the belt to see if it solves the issue.

If you still experience burning smells, get a treadmill repair electrician to check out the wiring.

5. The Motor Doesn’t Work

Did your treadmill shut off in the middle of a workout? Or, your treadmill still turns on but the belt doesn’t run.

This could indicate a nonworking motor or problems with the circuit or control board.

There are a series of electrical tests you can run at home to determine whether the problem is with the motor or with the circuit board. Only perform these tests if you’re comfortable and experienced working with exposed wires.

Otherwise, give a call to treadmill repair services near you. Click here if you’re looking for one in the Northern Virginia area.

Get a Treadmill Repair to Keep Running

Some treadmill repairs are quite easy and don’t require much expertise. Other treadmill repairs including electricals would be better left off to experienced technicians.

Either way, small fixes with regular maintenance can help to avoid machine damage over time.

Keep running and hitting those fitness goals you set!

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