Traveling the Mountain States

In the early years of the United States, there was a big push to go out West and settle new land. Along the way, early settlers were amazed by the stunning beauty they found. Even today, people travel to the Western United States to enjoy the wonders of the land. If you’re planning on traveling to the Mountain States, then here are some places worth visiting. 


When traveling to Colorado, you’ll have to spend a few days checking out Rocky Mountain National Park. Outdoor enthusiasts will find over one hundred 11,000-foot mountains, about 150 alpine lakes, and five glaciers. This can be an ideal setting for a weekend getaway or a weeklong adventure in the wilderness. 

Plan a hike with the family along Emerald Lake Trail or plot a course up one of the glaciers for a unique and thrilling experience. Just remember to pack accordingly and plan for all types of weather. It might be pleasant at ground level but will get colder and possibly harsher as you ascend the mountain. 

While visiting these scenic areas, you might find yourself thinking about what it takes to live in the region. If you’re thinking about relocating to the West, then perhaps Colorado is worth considering. Search Aurora apartments to find a place that suits your needs and lifestyle. 


Known for its forests, alpine meadows, and rugged mountains, Glacier National Park is a dream come true for hikers and backpacking enthusiasts who love getting out to traverse challenging terrain. There are over 700 miles of hiking trails, many of which can be enjoyed by mountain bikers and trail riders. The park also makes for a great place to camp for the weekend.


Adventurers seeking something a bit more extreme should check out Death Valley National Park. While a portion of the area is below sea level and experiences constant drought and excruciating heat, there are also varying snow-capped peaks. While the name might scare away some travelers, the park is a far cry from a scene of death and despair. There are many animals that call this region their home and visitors are surprised to see wildflowers spring to life following rainstorms. 


One of the most iconic images of the Mountain States is the natural stone arches. To experience their full splendor, you’ll certainly want to visit Arches National Park where you’ll find well over 2,000 of these magnificent sandstone arches. Another site worth visiting is the Balanced Rock found near the middle of the park. 


Yellowstone became the first national park on March 1, 1872. Since then, it has welcomed millions of visitors from around the world who want to enjoy its unique hydrothermal and geologic wonders. Yellowstone is a wonderful place to hike, take tons of pictures, and observe wildlife in its natural surroundings. But fair warning, this is their natural habitat so be sure to keep your distance, especially if you happen to spot a roaming bear or wolf.

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