Top FAQs on Synthetic Lawn

Installing synthetic grass over an existing lawn, is it possible?

The surface needs to be prepared when installing synthetic grass, so installing it over your existing lawn isn’t possible. Before laying, it will need sand and quarry rubble smoothed out with a topsoil spreader, and then you can install your new artificial lawn.

Will my synthetic lawn come with a warranty?

Synthetic lawn product usually comes with a manufacturers warranty of 7 years or even more. This will give you the peace of mind you need and know that the manufacturers have great faith in their product.

Is an artificial lawn protected from the sun?

Artificial lawns come pre-treat with a UV protectant, so yes, the grass is protected from Australia’s harsh sun. Backed by a seven-year manufacturer’s warranty, if there is any damage from the sun, you know you’re well-protected. 

Is artificial grass safe for children and pets?

Artificial lawn is safe for children and pets and an excellent surface for them to play on. Our products are lead-free and safe for the whole family to play and enjoy time together with animals of all types.

Does installation take a long time?

Many factors affect the amount of time installation takes, from the job’s size to the complexity of the space, e.g. oddly shaped yards, sloping grounds, and grass needs cutting to fit the area. We can provide you with an estimate once you contact us.

Where do you install in Melbourne?

We install our synthetic lawns across Melbourne, including but not limited to north, south, east and western suburbs.

Can you install a lawn in strange shapes?

Our team are skilled at cutting synthetic law in a range of shapes and size requirements, so yes, installing lawns in strange shapes is our specialty. There are no restrictions on size, and the grass can be cut down to any extent, making it a versatile option. You can often see how this has been achieved on golf courses where putting green has lots of curves.

Does the artificial turf contain lead or other potentially dangerous chemicals?

All our products are tested to meet Australian standards, making them safe for the whole family. It’s a safe alternative to other outdoor surfaces and doesn’t require any chemical intervention for cleaning.

Can synthetic grass be installed on surfaces like concrete or similar?

Besides being unable to install artificial turf on the grass directly, yes, you can install it on concrete and other surfaces such as pavers and tiles. It is easily glued to these surfaces and is a relatively simple process. If you wish to know more, contact us for more information.

What type of maintenance is needed for synthetic grass?

Caring for your synthetic lawn is simple, especially compared to maintaining natural grass. Generally, all that is required is the occasional sweep and a wash down if there are any spills. Cleaning up animal waste straight away will prevent staining; the occasional brush down with a bristled brush will help fluff up the fibres.

Will artificial grass get hot in the sun?

Perhaps the only drawback is yes because it is made out of plastic; it does get hotter than natural lawn when exposed to direct sun. However, it does cool down quickly. There are ways of cooling it down should it become an issue for you, which includes brushing the strands regularly to keep them upright or hosed down with water, both of which reduce heat.

Are there any benefits from synthetic grass?

There are quite a few benefits from having artificial turf installed, particularly compared to natural lawn. These include not needing water, never mowing, definitely no weeding and the best thing is that it’s green all year round.

Are astroturf and artificial grass the same things?

Astroturf was initially created in the 1960s and is nothing like the technologies used to produce synthetic grass. With continual development, the look, feel, and practicality far outshine astroturf and continue to improve.

How long will synthetic grass last?

The life expectancy of synthetic grass depends on several factors, including climate, how it’s used and how well you maintain it. It should last for at least 15 years if you do regular maintenance. 

Can cars be parked on synthetic grass?

As long as the surface has been probably prepared, there is no issue with parking your vehicle on your synthetic lawn. The primary consideration is to ensure that you don’t leave your car running for long periods.

Is synthetic grass flammable?

While a direct flame can melt the grass, the synthetic materials it’s made out of are flame resistant. 

Does water sit on top of the lawn when it rains?

The aim of the synthetic grass is for it to be as lifelike as possible, which means that its backing has drainage holes to draw the water away. It goes into the sand then disperses into the ground, meaning your backyard is puddle and mud-free. 

Does your company both supply and install synthetic lawn?

Superdeck are professional suppliers and installers of artificial turf in Melbourne. Our team has a wide range of skills and experience in installing this type of grass. Our combined knowledge will ensure that you get only the very best product install to a high-quality, so you receive only the very best for your long-term investment.

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