Tips to get Perfect Pair Kids Boxing Gloves

In this blog, RingMaster Sports will give you some tips that are useful to get the perfect pair of kids boxing gloves. RingMaster Sports recognize & understand that the champion within each of us needs the best gear. That is why we make top quality & affordable combat sports gear and supply the best fitness & larger boxing equipment for gyms.

We are providing superior quality gears, and an excellent standard of customer service has made us the first choice for fighters. We have manufactured Boxing gloves, MMA, Kick Boxing, and Martial Arts & Fitness product range. We recognize the aspirations of associations, training academies, schools, and trainers to nurture the talent of those who go on to become the champions. We support them by customizing the gears for them according to their needs.

Now, coming back to our topic, RingMaster Sports will provide you tips. In this way, you could find the perfect pair of gloves for your kids. Children at a young age are naturally filled with energy. Boxing provides them a fun and healthy outlet to express themselves, be active and be challenged. Their participation in physical training and sports can teach them lessons that they may never learn in a traditional classroom setting. Taking up any sport, like football, basketball, or any other, involves physical risks. Boxers are also no strangers to hand injuries, so finding the perfect pair of boxing gloves for your child is important.

Here are some technical features that one should keep in mind while looking for an ideal gloves pair.


Quality boxing gears can go a long way in keeping the experience fun and safe. You may go for cheap kids boxing gloves, but always keep in mind that you will get what you pay for. These gloves are made with less durable materials. They are not built to last for long use. Also, the construction of cheaper gloves tends to provide less protection on contact. As a result, purchasing quality gloves will save you money in the long run — since you would not be replacing them nearly as often. Leather material offers optimum strength and longevity to keep the gloves intact for a longer period; in leather material, gloves would be expensive, but they will not ruin your kid’s day at all. Additionally, I would say that one should not compromise over quality when it comes to kid’s gear.


Protection is the first tip while buying for kids boxing gloves. Safety should be our top priority while choosing a pair. Kids are supposed to have fun while boxing. This can be impossible if they experience pain or discomfort because of their low quality and uncomfortable gloves. When it comes to the inner padding, not all pairs of gloves are created the same. Special kind of padding can offer more diffusion of force than others, that helps to absorb the shock on the knuckles side and the wrist. Injection-molded foam padding works brilliantly for gloves due to its dense but flexible nature. It also plays a vital role in redistributing forces created on impact. Nowadays, gloves are padded with Triple-Layered polymax contoured foam, which absorbs the hardest of punches keeping the hands safe by distributing the force applied on it evenly across the padding. So, when you look for a pair, you should check the outer material and inside padding.

The second tip is Wrist Support:

This is critical when you are searching for the perfect pair of kids’ boxing gloves. Five-year research on amateur boxing competitions determined that 349 hand injuries did occur during every thousand hours of boxing competitions, with most of these injuries occurred in the wrist. The boxing gloves should incorporate a hook and loop wraparound closure system, as these are the most comfortable of the various types of wrist straps designed. As much as the padding and the material play a vital role in making a good glove, the Robust Grip design offers the strongest wraparound to keep the gloves in place. What the hook and loop do offer is greater convenience as a boxer can reliably protect the closure by himself or herself. In this way, gloves will not slip during training.


The next tip is durability. Durable materials withstand more wear for a long time. You want to buy gear built to last — so, always go for quality and premium materials. Leather material works well for the outer portion of the boxing gloves, and sometime you may find gloves that are mix of the two. Never forget! The harder they train, the more they sweat. The perforation system, along with moisture-wicking mesh lining, helps keep the inside palm fresh and cool for longer periods.

It would be best if you also looked for a comfort level while buying boxing gloves. All of the boxing equipment should be comfortable to not detract from the experience. The inner side of the gloves should be lined with a soft material that shields your child’s hands without being too restrictive. Aside from that, comfort is about finding the right fit.

Perfect Style and Design:

The last thing but the important one is you should look for style. Kids prefer products with flashy colors and attractive designs. Make sure to go for a pair that is just as visually appealing as it is durable and safe.

These are some tips that RingMaster Sports thinks are necessary while going for kids boxing gloves.

These are some tips that RingMaster Sports thinks are necessary while going for kids boxing gloves. But you should be clear that only design and style are not enough to evaluate a pair of boxing gloves. Your first and least priority should be durability and protection. We always suggest buying mini gloves in Cowhide Leather Material because it is more comfortable and durable while training. If I talk about size, then 2 oz is Suitable for up to 4 Yrs, 4 oz Suitable for 5-6 Yrs, 6 oz Suitable for 7-8 Yrs, 8 oz Suitable for 9-10 Yrs old.

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