5 Amazing Things You Can’t Miss to Do On the Gold Coast

Did you know that about five million people visit California every year? That is because the western state offers a variety of activities for everyone. Whether you want to experience glamour and Hollywood, or outdoor fun, California has it all.

Not to mention, their food scene is through the roof. Are you considering a trip to the West? If so, there are several places and things to do on the gold coast.

Want to know what to add to your travel itinerary? If so, keep reading this article for the top fun things to do on the gold coast. 

1. Redwood National Park

If you are the outdoorsy type, then you might want to head to the California and Oregon border to see the oldest trees in existence. The forest is one of the most relaxing things to do on the gold coast. While you visit, you get to hike through the redwoods and visit trees that are between 2,000 and 3,000 years old. 

2. Carlsbad Flower Fields

Are you a photographer? Or, maybe you live for the perfect Instagram picture. If so, then the flower fields out in Carlsbad will have you frolicking for joy.

Carlsbad opens its gates every Spring for tourists to come out and enjoy the stunning site. So, if you want to plan your trip around anything, consider the springtime. You won’t want to miss catching the fields in full bloom. 

3. Hollywood Walk Of Fame

If you want to opt-out of the nature activities, then head out to Los Angeles. In LA, you can visit one of the most famous streets in all of California.

The Hollywood Walk Of Fame is where every celebrity worth their salt has a star with their name on it. You can spend hours looking at each star and trying to find your favorite celebrity’s name. 

4. Sterling Winery

Napa Valley is the place we all think of when it comes to wine. However, countless wineries span the entire golden coast. One of the best is out in Sterling.

When you get there, you get to take a tram ride up a mountain. Once you get up to the top, you spend the day sipping different wines on a patio overlooking the California landscape. 

5. Head to Townsville

When planning the best things to do on the gold coast, be sure to schedule some time in Townsville. This area of California is a tourist spot for a reason.

You get to experience luxurious beaches, a great barrier reef, and an art walking trail. There are countless things to experience out in Townsville. If you want to know about fun things to do there, read this article.  

For More Thing to Do On the Gold Coast  

As you can tell, there are several things to do on the gold coast that are worthy of adding to your itinerary. California has it all, celebrities, beaches, mountains, and forests. So, no matter what your interests are, you can find something to fit your needs during a trip out to the North American West Coast.

We hope this article helps you find the best things to do on the gold coast. If you enjoyed this post, we invite you to read the rest of our blog for more travel tips. 

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