The Importance of Having Banners at an Event

Whether you are planning an event, attending a trade show, or thinking about on-premise marketing, you need great banner displays design to set yourself apart. Banners are an effective way of marketing and present incredible benefits, as you’ll notice in this article. 

If you have a business event coming along, you probably are thinking of ways to get the most out of everything. It’s also likely that you have thought about creating a banner for the event. But like many people, you may want to know if having a banner is beneficial to your business. So in this article, we will highlight the importance of having a banner at an event to help you make an informed decision.

Create brand awareness

One of the main things that many businesses struggle with today is to stand out in the competitive market. It is especially harder to compete with already developed brands, especially if you’re just getting started. But luckily, the little things that you can do to stand out – like create awareness about the existence of your brand. A great banner displays design is the simplest way you can achieve this. Recent research indicated that clients report learning about a business through its on-premise signage. When you have effective signage at the door of your business, you will boost your company’s branding and also increase the number of people who walk through the door.

Banners attract new customers

You need customers to grow your business. That’s why you should always try to do things that bring in new customers. Running a business event is one such thing. It helps you bring together the people that matter. It also helps to expose your business to prospects and existing clients. A well-designed banner will communicate the message effectively, and will also give your business a professional outlook. Again, you’ve probably noticed that event attendants often take images in front of banners and share them wildly on their social platforms. This is a great marketing strategy as it will expose your business to other prospects.

Banners are functional 

As you may realise from the above points, banners are an effective marketing and promotional tool. However, burners can do so much more. They can direct your clients to your business and inform them about your promotions or cells that are coming up. A well-designed burner will communicate with your clients and help enhance the experience. 

They are affordable

If you compare banner advertising to other forms of advertising like TV or radio or paid advertising, you will notice that banners are way cheaper. A single TV commercial has a CPM of about $9 compared to only two cents for an on-premise banner, according to Brandon Gaille, a well-known blogger. When compared to radio’s 1%, TV’s 1%, Yellow Pages’ 6%, newspaper’s 9%, and word of mouth’s 33%, on-premise banners bring 50% of new clients. And if you consider the price, then advertising is the way to go.

Banners are reusable

One of the significant benefits of investing in a quality display banner is that you can always use it over and over again. So, for instance, if you’re planning to attend lots of trade shows or social gatherings that feature your services, you can always carry your business banner for more exposure.

Banners are memorable

When prospects and clients are looking for the kinds of solutions or services that you’re offering, they’re more likely to remember your business through your business banner. For example, when you’re in real estate business, you’ll post a banner about new homes or neighborhoods. When a potential home buyer is seeking your services, they will likely remember the banner ad, and come straight to you. Having a banner makes your clients see your business as a more personal and practice of choice. It’s even better when it includes contact details because it makes it easier for them to reach you.

 It doesn’t get tiring to look at

If youthink about it; people will almost always feel tired of seeing or listening toa TV, radio, or online advertisement over and over again. This isespecially true because they feel as though they are being pushed to buysomething. But the good thing about banners is that they are subtle and don’tget so much on someone’s space. People don’t even notice that they arebeing marketed to when they read banner signs. 


Banners are a great marketing tool. They are durable, versatile, and inexpensive and promote your business, keeping you ahead of your peers and competitors. However, to enjoy all these and many other benefits of banners, you need to work with an experienced banner designer to ensure you get the best banner for your business. Experienced designers understand the specification, pattern, colours, material, shapes and sizes, and every other detail that make a great banner.

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