How to Eliminate Stubborn Belly Fat

Do you want to improve your physique? With over 42% of Americans struggling with being overweight, you’re not alone!

Many people can drop some weight but then struggle at the end with stubborn belly fat. Read on to learn secrets to slimming your tummy so you can improve your health and feel great about your body!

Get Adjusted

If you keep putting in the effort to lose weight but cannot seem to drop the belly fat, see a chiropractor. Yes, chiropractic adjustments can in fact aid in weight loss!

Subluxations can cause joint pain and reduced range in motion that make exercise difficult if not impossible. A spinal adjustment can help by relieving the pressure and properly aligning your joints.

Aligning the spine also improves communication throughout the central nervous system. Sometimes blocked pathways impede metabolic processes, like fat burning.

Increase Your Muscle Mass

Everybody knows that exercise helps you lose weight. But, did you know that increasing your muscle mass makes you burn more calories even during rest? Muscle requires more energy to maintain than fat cells, so it speeds up your basal metabolic rate. 

To increase muscle mass, add weights to your exercise routine. While low weight with high repetitions fuels weight loss, heavier weight with fewer repetitions bulks up the muscles.

When trying to burn stubborn belly fat, alternate between these lifting techniques. Switching up your routine regularly will also prevent you from hitting a plateau in building muscle mass.

Take Cold Showers

If you want to get in great shape, take cold showers! Or, at least rinse off in cool water at the end.

Immersing yourself in cold water activates brown fat in the body. Activate fat when you want to burn it sounds counterintuitive, but it’s not at all.

Your stubborn belly fat contains white adipose tissue. This type of fat stores excess energy. Brown adipose tissue, on the other hand, actually improves metabolism and reduces your amount of blood glucose, which stops the body from storing excess fat.

Drink Water

Make it a habit of staying properly hydrated. If you feel thirsty, you already went too long without hydration. Shoot for about 8 glasses of water each day.

Choosing water over other beverages can make a huge difference with belly fat. Most people underestimate how many liquid calories they consume through sodas, juices, and other sugary drinks.

Drinking water throughout your meal will help you eat slower and take in fewer calories overall. It also kicks starts lipolysis, aka fat metabolism.

Sleep Well

People often think of engaging in activities to burn fat. But, resting also helps with weight management.

We burn calories as we sleep, especially during the REM stage where most dreaming occurs. Proper sleep also reduces the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that increases visceral fat storage.

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Belly Fat

Losing weight should feel like an accomplishment. Do not allow stubborn belly fat to make your goals seem impossible. Create a routine with these tips and stay consistent on your weight loss journey!

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