Prepare yourself properly for an exam!

Exams are an integral part of every degree. They are used to monitor performance and often cause stress and nervousness among students. Ultimately, every student must take regular exams if they want to graduate. For this reason, correct exam preparation is an important part of the course. Proper preparation for an exam can not only relieve stress and nervousness, but also achieve better exam results. Above all, discipline is necessary in preparation. Many students lack this skill. As you read the following lines, you should keep in mind that you have to work on yourself if you want to prepare yourself stress-free and successfully for your exams.

Preparations throughout the session

An important point that is criminally ignored by the majority of students is preparation throughout the semester. Do you want to prepare for JC economics exam or any other? Then you have to study during the semester. You will never achieve a “relaxed” and at the same time effective preparation for an examination during your studies if you do not attend any lectures during the semester, ignore the subject matter and pay little attention to the studies.

  • Attend your lectures

A regular attendance of the lectures and the preparation and follow-up work on them are essential for passing the exams at the end of the semester. If you ignore this point, you will panic towards the end of the semester and in a few days try to learn the content of an entire semester. Ultimately, you will fail miserably. If you pass the exams, it is usually based on luck. Certainly there are natural talents who, due to their intelligence and their already existing education, hardly need any preparation. However, the majority of students do not belong to this group.

Provided you don’t disregard this first part of exam preparation, you can focus on the tips below. Otherwise, you can too – it won’t do you any benefit in this case.

Lead a healthy lifestyle

When preparing for the exam – i.e. in the time shortly before the exam – pay attention to a lifestyle that is generally classified as “healthy”. Otherwise, your performance will decline. Thus “learning through” nights is absolutely counterproductive. You have to make sure to give your body phases of recovery, and you should also provide it with nutrients. So eat healthy. The junk food diet, which is popular among students, destroys your health as well as your performance and will therefore have a negative effect on your exam results.

  • Make a schedule

To get back to the actual preparation, it can be stated that setting up a schedule makes sense. If you have studied during the semester, it should be easy for you to structure the examination-relevant material. Break this down into smaller lessons. Write a study plan that shows when you plan to learn what. You should start direct exam preparation early and plan enough time for each lesson. Students, like most people, tend to be lazy – pay attention to this aspect by allowing adequate “buffer periods”. The study plan will strengthen your discipline. In addition, it enables very structured learning.

  • No last minute learning

You should also avoid studying the day before the exam. This will only make you nervous. You cannot gain any relevant advantages from this “last minute learning phase”. Instead, you should distract yourself by doing activities that you enjoy. Of course you shouldn’t celebrate any parties, attend concerts or pursue any other excesses. Sleep and go to bed early on the night before exam.

Practice the exam situation

For people who are prone to exam anxiety, it can sometimes be useful to simulate the exam situation. The Internet, which is quite widespread nowadays, offers a rich pool of “practice exams” for almost every topic from almost every subject. Use this and simulate an exam that you take under realistic conditions. This includes that you work under time pressure and only use the aids permitted in the actual exam. Such a simulation of the exam can take away the fear of the actual exam situation.

  • Plan relaxation phases

As already mentioned, it is also advisable to ensure phases of relaxation. Esoteric people often speak of “recharging their batteries”. People who think more rationally, however, assume that relaxation helps reduce stress. Both exam preparation and the actual exam are much easier to take stress-free. Very nervous candidates can benefit from learning relaxation methods, such as autogenic training. These methods are also quite helpful in other situations in life.

On the day of the exam

After the study is finished, is the exam preparation over? It’s wrong and you’re thinking too short. On the day of the exam, your personal condition can be influenced to a relevant extent during the exam and you should therefore keep a few tips in mind:

  • Get up in good time; you should go to bed early the night before.
  • Choose to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in.
  • Avoid talking about exam topics. Stay away from fellow students who are dramatizing the exam or discussing the content of the exam shortly before the exam.
  • Accept your nervousness. You will be nervous – this is perfectly normal because everyone is nervous before an exam, but don’t drive yourself crazy.

All preparations for the exam should be made the day before. All necessary documents, writing materials and other items should be placed within reach in good time – the day before.


BestEconsTuition always look forward to help the students for their successful career. Preparation for the exam begins on the first day of the semester. Those who consistently work on the subject matter throughout the semester will not panic shortly before the exams. Nobody expects you to sacrifice all of your free time to study. Just one hour of learning a day is enough. You will notice that you are much more relaxed in the direct exam preparation and can easily implement the tips mentioned. If you have to learn all of the material for the semester in one week, there is no time for relaxation and a healthy lifestyle. Effective learning is only possible in the long term.

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