5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Pool Filters

Pool filters are one of the most underrated parts of our pool. They help provide the debris-free pool experience we all enjoy, but we don’t tend to think about them very much. 

However, if you’ve ever spent a summer with a pool filter that’s on the fritz, you know exactly how important they are to a pleasant swimming experience. 

Here are five telltale signs it might be time to replace your pool filter. 

1. High PSI

When was the last time you checked the pressure gauge on your filter? If you’re saying, “What is a pressure gauge,” you probably go and check it out. It’s that circular part that helps you see how much pressure there is in your pool’s filtration system. 

A high PSI, or pressure per square inch, is a clear indicator that your pool filter is working overtime and may need a replacement. 

A common problem related to high PSI is a dirty filter cartridge. Luckily, you can fix your cartridge with a quick rinse of the hose. If after you hose off the cartridge, you experience a PSI that still reads high, it’s time to replace your pool filter. 

Need to know more? Check out this guide that explains more telltale signs. 

2. Your End Caps of Your Cartridge Are Cracked

If you notice that the end caps of your cartridge are cracked, this is a telltale sign that your pool filter needs a replacement. Using a cartridge that’s cracked opens your system up to other problems. That’s especially true if part of the plastic chips away and enters your filtration system. 

Long story short, if you notice a cracked cartridge, replace the cartridge. 

3. The Pleats Are Flattening

Within the cartridge, you have folded pleats. These pleats help trap dirt and other debris that comes through your filtration system. Pleats can begin to flatten when they have too much debris in them. 

If you notice your cartridge pleats are looking more flat, this is a telltale sign that your cartridge needs to be replaced.  Systems with flattened pleats won’t clean and filter the pool water, and a new cartridge will. 

That means it’s time for a replacement. 

4. Ripped Fabric Within Your Cartridge

In some cases, you may notice rips or tears in the fabric of your cartridge. It’s a sure sign that your system has taken on too much debris. In the event of rips or tears in your cartridge’s fabric, it’s important to replace it with a new filter cartridge. 

5. Crushed Cartridge

Crushed cartridges are a sign of a systemic problem within your filtration system. The likely cause for this problem is when the plastic straps that secure the cartridge snap or break. This can cause a breakdown in the cartridge that causes it to crush under the weight of high PSI levels. 

Pool Filters: Is It Time for a Replacement? 

Pool filters are an essential part of your pool’s filtration system. It helps prevent your pool from carrying debris and leads to a pleasant swimming environment. 

If you have started to notice one or more of the telltale signs above, it might be time to replace your pool filter. 

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