Living With Chronic Back Pain? This Is How to Cope

Living with chronic back pain can make many activities extremely difficult, if not impossible, and have a devastating effect on the lives of sufferers. This long-term condition may mean someone can no longer work or prevent them from participating in their favorite sports or hobbies. 

As chronic back pain is an ongoing problem, it’s vital to learn techniques that can help manage the pain. While these methods may not solve the underlying issue, they can allow sufferers to function more easily and experience less discomfort.

Read on to find out more about how to manage chronic back pain.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

Deep breathing techniques can have significant benefits for your mental and physical health and could help you manage chronic lower back pain. When your muscles are tense, you can inadvertently increase your pain levels, but the opposite occurs when you relax. Taking deep breaths in, and exhaling slowly, can help you release tension.

From a mental health point of view, practicing deep breathing can give you a feeling of greater calm and control. This can change your reaction to the physical sensation of pain. It can also give you the mental focus to engage in other strategies that could reduce your chronic back pain.

Have an Exercise Routine

When suffering from lower back pain, performing any kind of exercise can seem virtually impossible. But, the right exercises can ease discomfort and help you feel better. This is because exercise triggers the release of endorphins which are a feel-good hormone within the human body.

Maintaining a healthy weight through exercise can also prevent adding additional stress to your body. But, sometimes, you may find these methods do not have the desired effect. In this scenario, it might be the right time to seek professional help from a pain management center that employs expert, qualified staff.

Reduce Stress Levels

If you are suffering negative feelings, it can lower your pain threshold. While many people tend to think of back pain treatment in terms of physical factors, there is also a huge psychological aspect. It can help if you cut down on your workload and try to distance yourself from activities that could lead to feelings of anxiety.

Enjoy a Healthy Diet

When you suffer from chronic back pain, it can be challenging to eat a healthy diet. For example, it may be too painful to drive to the grocery store, or you might not be able to carry a basket or push a trolley.

It could then be tempting to eat snack foods with little nutritional value or to order takeaway meals containing too many unhealthy ingredients. But, it is vital to maintain good eating habits to help your body stay in the best possible condition. 

There are many benefits of staying hydrated, so it is critical that you drink plenty of water. This can help lubricate your joints and increase their shock-absorbing ability. It is also vital to provide your body with enough vitamins and minerals to help keep your bones strong, heal wounds and strengthen your immune system. 

It is best to cut down on alcohol as this can affect your sleeping patterns. This can lead to the body getting less rest and contribute to obesity and increased levels of depression. If you suffer from chronic back pain, these conditions can exacerbate the problem.

Keep a Pain Diary

It is easy to lose track of the triggers that cause or worsen lower back pain. When you are in discomfort, it’s natural your initial thought is to find a way to relieve the pain. But, if you keep a pain diary, you may be surprised to identify some regular patterns.

For example, perhaps your pain is always worse in the morning after you get out of bed. Or, the discomfort could strike in the evening after you’ve been sitting in one place for a while. If you can determine the cues that precede your chronic back pain, it could make it easier to find ways to ease your aches.

Use Distraction Activities

This is not an ideal long-term solution, but you may benefit from distracting your mind when experiencing a chronic pain attack. For example, you could put on your favorite movie or play a game that lets your mind focus on something other than the discomfort. 

This can be an effective short-term technique that could allow you to get on with your daily activities.

Find a Support Group

When people think about how to heal lower back pain, they often do not realize how many others have a similar issue. But, it can be a great help if you can talk to people who share your experience and empathize with your issues. With the advancements in modern technology, there is also no need to attend a physical meeting. 

You can go online and find support groups that would welcome another member and could provide you with valuable assistance.

Begin Easing Your Lower Back Pain Today

It can sometimes seem like there is no relief when you are living with chronic back pain, but there are techniques you can use to feel better. While there are many activities you can practice without help, you may also benefit from seeking professional assistance. Over time, you could find you can enjoy working and engaging in your favorite activities with significantly less discomfort.

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