The Different Types of Link Chains

Experts think the United States’ online jewelry and watch market size will increase to $7.6 billion in 2021. Learning about the different link chains out there will help you perfect your look.

What is a link chain? They are the metal components that connect/interlock to form a chain. They come in a variety of styles, so it’s important to know your stuff.

Chains are some of the most versatile pieces of jewelry out there. There’s a chain out there for everyone, and it all starts with knowing about link chains.

Here are some of the types of link chains people often encounter:

Ball Link Chains

Ball link chains refer to link chain jewelry made of tiny balls or beads. Wire connectors hold the beads together into a necklace. People often wear military dog tags with chains like these.

They’re common because manufacturers often produce cheap necklaces with this type of link. A ball link chain from a legitimate jeweler is more durable than a cheaply-produced one.

Speaking of durability: 


Marine link chains are substantial in both size and durability. Mariner chains have oval links that each have a metal bar going through them. Necklaces made from these links are flat, thick, and act as a classic statement piece.

People refer to rounded mariner links as having a “puff” design. Also, each puffed mariner link is called a Gucci link. It’s especially popular with rappers as well as rap or hip-hop fans.


Cuban chain links are also called Miami Cuban link chains because they originated from Miami, Florida. DJ Kool Herc popularized them by wearing them at his Bronx hip hop parties. Since then, they’ve become iconic symbols of hip-hop music, fashion, and culture.

These oval-shaped link chains are flat, thick, and interlocked in a rope-like pattern. Cuban chains are traditionally gold but also come in silver and platinum.

There’s a lot to know about the history, construction, and style of Cuban Link Chains. For starters, they’re different from a curb link chain. Educate yourself on the subject by checking out the aforementioned link.


Cable chains refer to link chain jewelry made of oval or rounded links. All of the links are usually a uniform size. This effect creates a polished or edgy look depending on how you dress it up.

If you want a flaunt a pendant, this is the chain for you. It’s also great to combine with other chains to create a layered look. Mixing metals is in, so don’t hold back!

The simple design of this link chain necklace makes it easy to wear with different outfits. With cable chains, your fashion options range from casual to over the top. Having a small pendant collection lets you change your jewelry depending on your mood and outfit.

So Many Link Chains, So Little Time!

Chains are one of the most popular types of jewelry in men’s fashion. Nonetheless, people of all genders could benefit from wearing chains.

Ultimately, the trick is to choose a chain that suits your style, personality, and overall vibe. Good thing there are so many kinds of link chains out there to choose from!

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