People are deeply concerned about the safety of their eyes, especially those who are considering laser eye surgery. The truth is that eye operation is an uphill task and needs caution. However, at Optimal Vision, this surgery is hassle-free.

Go for a Safe Surgical Procedure

One of the danger-free surgical procedures available today is laser eye surgery! For more than 3 decades, different forms of this procedure have been safely carried out.This claim is backed up by clinical evidence from studies of SMILE,LASIK and ASLA. But it’s very important to know if you’re qualified for this surgical procedure. That being said, let’s see why this eye operation is certified safe.

Join the millions of people who’ve had a risk-free LASIK

LASIK is one common, safe eye surgery procedure that has attracted a lot of studies to evaluate its safety and effectiveness in correcting eye defects like myopia (short-sightedness), astigmatism, or long-sightedness. Different refractive defects have been well treated with different laser eye procedures. This procedure has been so efficacious that latest research after evaluating its results came up with the following results:

  • About 99% of patients are exhilarated with the result of this procedure
  • On the corrected visual acuity, a minimal 1 percent of patients had issues with cleared vision of two or more lines on the eye chart
  • Excellent results were recorded for more than 90% of patients. This means 20/20 vision or better, or 6/6 vision (Australian standard).
  • Almost 100% iof patients had vision clarity of 6/12, a standard that meets the Australian legal driving requirement

Try out the safe ASLA

While LASIK may not be ideal for all kinds of eye defects, ASLA is another result-oriented eye treatment procedure. It’s best for patients with thin corneas, as they stand an increased chance of having complications if they go for LASIK. Eye treatment with ASLA takes a longer time to recuperate, which is why very few patients use it. Although it’s been way in use prior to the introduction of LASIK, what’s amazing is that ASLA assures safety and perfect results to patients who use it, just like you’ll expect from LASIK!

Don’t miss the effective SMILE

Another latest vision correction procedure is SMILE. It was launched a decade ago to correct myopia and astigmatism.Many patients prefer SMILE because it’s keyhole surgery; a procedure that doesn’t disturb the eye surface. One million cases of eye defects have been effectively treated with SMILE!Again, there is evidence to prove its potency and safety as compared to LASIK. In fact, lately, more than a hundred of comparison studies were carried out, and the result put SMILE at par with LASIK when it comes to excellent performance.

Go for low side effects and complications

Laser eye surgery Londonis safe. But it’s crucial you know some of the associated risks prior to having the surgery. Check these out:

  • Dry eye – The tear film in the eye responsible for tear production is disturbed during laser eye surgery. So, your eyes may not produce tears. This experience is normal few weeks or months after surgery. It rarely prolongs. This side effect is very common with LASIK; patients with dry eye should opt for ASLA or SMILE
  • Flap issue – This happens when the flap of corneal tissue worked on during LASIK moves out of position after surgery. It’s typical when patients begin serious physical activity soon after surgery. In this case, SMILE is better. Adhering to post-operative instructions also helps
  • Over or under-correction of eye defect – Your vision may not be perfect after surgery. An enhancement procedure is usually used to correct this. You can wear a contact lens or glasses
  • Loss of acute vision – A few persons may experience this while recovering from surgery. But it usually disappears after six months

Choose surgery with fewer complications

Blindness which is one complication people fear in laser eye surgery can be avoided with professional surgeons who provide laser eye surgery in Harley Street. But note that contracting an eye infection during or after surgery can be dangerous if not properly treated. Again, technological advancement is reducing the number of complications.

Check your eligibility

Prior to laser eye surgery, consult your doctor to evaluate your eligibility for the surgery. This includes knowing the right kind of treatment for your eyes. If you’re not qualified, don’t push it! But if you’re found to be, then look forward to an effective eye treatment procedure.

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