Interior architecture in offices in 2020

Working in a friendly and pleasant workspace is necessary for your team of professionals to perform at their best. This 2019 brings with it many innovations not only in office furniture but also in the architecture of workspaces.

Office interior trend

It is increasingly common to find current and collaborative work areas. We are going to analyze some of the proposals that are going strong this 2019 in terms of the architecture of spaces, which we are sure have come to stay. Collaborative office furniture, open spaces, home automation, protagonist floors and walls, the commitment to white and much more.

White never fails

White is the star color par excellence, the most chosen in the decoration of offices and workspaces continues one more year in architecture trends. Designing white spaces helps concentration and expansion of the rooms. It is also the most appropriate color to be combined with other colors such as black, gray, blue … or materials such as wood. In addition to the furniture, the white color used in walls and floors provides light.

The floors and walls take center stage

We already named them in the previous section to talk about the importance in choosing their color. It is always advisable to use light tones to enlarge and illuminate spaces, but also nowadays, coatings with prints and textures are gaining strength. The most used are those that simulate cement, mud and even wood to give your office that eco-friendly effect. Shuffle this option to give your workspace more personalization.

If you have large spaces, take advantage of this advantage and choose the colors you want for ceilings, walls or floors. Risky compositions will make you succeed.

Minimalism is the new style

Minimalism made its place in home decoration several years ago and it is now when it is doing the same in the labor sector. Simple shapes and modern materials take over minimalist office furniture. In addition to this it insists on the use of monochrome, mostly black and white colors. Brands such as Steelcase or Acticu are clear representatives of this new style, despite the fact that by tradition they continue to bet on other more robust types of furniture.

 Down noise pollution

Architectural projects are focusing their efforts on creating new noise-free spaces. Noise is a polluting agent to which we are exposed within the office and which has been proven to cause stress in workers in many cases. For this, the interior architecture is beginning to use new insulating materials and the use of optimal distributions that regulate the noise inside the spaces.

Smart offices: use of home automation

Home automation architecture is a constant reflection of the new concern for the environment and the need to control consumption. Control of temperature, light or office security is issues of increasing concern. A smart office offers users greater well-being and you will also reduce expenses on your bills while innovating for the future.

Computer services for companies

It goes without saying that before turning your office into an intelligent space, you must provide this office with all the necessary computer elements: laptops, desktop computers, management software and what is necessary in terms of telecommunications service, let us not forget that the latter is a basic pillar in the infrastructure of any business.

Collaborative spaces

The new trend is based on the idea of ​​creating collaborative spaces and teamwork. Until a few years ago, there were many who supported the idea of ​​single and solitary work, more competitive on a personal level, however times change and therefore the architecture of spaces must also do so. Collaboration between team members is essential today to achieve good results. The sum of the capacities of all the assets of a company is vital for its improvement. The offices are now conceived as constantly changing spaces, designed to adapt at all times to the needs of users.

It is committed to creating innovative work environments by designing open and transparent spaces, improving worker communication.

Project reforms

Finally, one of the aspects that will be exploited during this 2019 is the rehabilitation and reforms of old buildings in order to get new spaces, this aspect is a process that has been observed in many cities for several years. This aspect has the advantage of achieving a lower economic cost compared to the option of building an office from scratch. You already know that, as in any project, the aim is to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time, which is why the idea of ​​reforms is the most chosen by many entrepreneurs.

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