Innovative Graphic Design To Expand Social Media Network

Today, most marketing campaigns are planned for the social media platforms. Social media branding can be targeted and cost-friendly too. You can promote a vast number of products and services at a time with the help of social media. Social media marketing through multiple influence can help increase the recall value of your brand. Sprak Design are the best way to present your brand’s goals in a creative way. Right from brochures to logo, graphic designs have created a crucial space in branding.

Trending Graphic designs for your social media posts

1.Muted Color Palette

Muted colors look simple and comforting as compared to the bright flashy tones. If you are associated with a health and wellness brand, subtle colors will help you promote healthy living.

2.Simple Data Visualizations

Present data in easy to understand formats. People understand simple bar graphs quicker and better than heavy textual content.

3.Geometric shapes

The use of abstract shapes has reduced and now designers are shifting their focus towards solid geometric shapes for better emphasis.

4.Flat Icons

Simple icons can communicate a crucial message effectively. Graphic designers need to consider space as an essential resource and use icons to save space and portray ideas in depth.

5.Classic font styles

Many financial services are using the classic fonts like serif fonts. The classic fonts seem more mature and can connect well with a formal client base.

6.Slide decks on social media

Longer messages can be communicated using slide decks. Slide decks are an effective storytelling medium too.

7.Videos with more text

Resuming video shooting at physical locations will take some more time. That is where videos with heavy texts play a great role. Use words effectively and try to portray your message through animations, texts and other relevant graphic elements.

How to plan a graphic design for your social media platform?

1.Goals will help you regulate your plans.

You need to have a goal for every graphic design. Multiple goals will overcrowd the design and distract your audience from the core idea. Goal planning is a collective effort from every member of the team. A brand that has a digital presence needs to be consistent with their posts to stay relevant in the business.

Hence, make sure that you inform your team members and request them to come up with unique designs for your social media handle. Goals will more helpful hints stay focused on the main idea.

You can also outsource your graphic designing work to the Top Graphic Design Agency Washington DC for interesting posts on social media.

2.Make use of colors that complement each other.

Color is the key component for every creative work. Make use of colors that complement each other. You can choose a monotonous color theme to focus on a specific area of your design. Colors can be used wisely to direct customer attention towards certain aspects of the design.Ensure that the colors you use do not interfere with the other components or text in the graphic design. Using colors wisely can help you influence a person’s psychology, emotions and reactions towards your design. The right colors have the power to captivate attention from far.

3.Use punchlines and texts effectively.

The graphic design will have some texts across it. The text needs to be planned and spread across the design effectively. The color, font and design components should not overshadow the text element of the graphic design. Words are powerful and you need to use them wisely. Do not exceed a graphic design with text more than two lines.

4.Typography should not interfere with the legibility.

Typography is different from texts. The font style and size contribute towards the typography. Do not choose a font style that is very fancy. Keep it simple so that people can read it from far. Your prospective customers and followers are not going to take the efforts to strain their eyes and read your graphic design texts.

5.Be consistent

You need to be present across multiple social media platforms. Social media platforms are unpredictable and users are constantly craving for new and exciting features. Hence, do not focus on a specific platform. Also, make sure that you post these designs regularly. The key is to be relevant and keep updating your latest work and client reviews daily. Each post matters.

Hence, make sure that you hire Graphic Design Agency Washington Dc to be consistent with fantastic and targeted posts each day.

6.The design should be clear across various platforms.

As you are using multiple platforms for your graphic designs, test the design on every platform. The design must create the same visual effect across all the platforms. The images and the text needs to be clear and easy to understand.

Be unique! You need to be different. Social media platforms are flooding with exciting posts and attractive designs each day. If you want to increase your recall value, give your brand a reason to remember you. Keep it simple. Do not overcrowd a design with unnecessary elements.Social media marketing combined with well planned and creative graphic designs can be a game changer for your business model.

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