Improve your building outdoor lighting with LED wall packs

What are wall packs?

Wall packs are one of the best outdoor lights for commercial and industrial spaces. They are great for accenting the outside of a resident, commercial building or any outdoor area which requires an extra lighting layer for adequate illumination.

They are available in various sizes, designs and lumen output.

Types of Wallpacks

There are various types of wall packs suited for different outdoor locations.

Screw-in LED wall packs

This kind of wall pack supports LED bulbs which can fix inside the fixture.

Integrated LED wall packs

This kind of wall pack has an array of LEDs arranged inside the fixture.

Structure of wall packs


They come in various housing designs and materials to accommodate any kind of lighting needs for outdoors. The housing is made up of die-cast aluminum and it houses electrical components.


The sizing of the fixture is dependent on the lumen requirement, if the bulb size and wattage increase the size of the fixture increases to accommodate the bulb and efficiently dissipate the heat.


There are various lamp types for wall packs as outdoor lights need a powerful lamp source for adequate luminance. Traditionally, CFL and halogen lamps are used but they have been replaced with LEDs because of their unmatched efficiency and high lumen output despite the size and wattage of the lamp.

Light Distribution Pattern

The light from wall packs is mainly for accenting or the fixture is mostly used as an assistive lighting application along with other outdoor lights. The light distribution pattern in wall packs decides the placement and lumen requirement of an individual wall pack for a lighting layout. There are 4 different patterns in which wall packs are designed to distribute light, these are:

●      Forward Throw or traditional wall packs

These wall packs distribute light out and down

●      Cutoff Wall Pack

They direct light down to the ground

●    Up/Down Wall Packs

They either distribute light up or down on the ground.

Applications of wall packs

These are widely used in a number of locations and due to their feasible size and design it is easy to install them practically on any kind of wall.

A few of the applications include:

  • storagefacilities
  • parking lots
  • school buildings
  • Stairwells
  • doorways
  • outside commercial and industrial buildings
  • Outside homes or in gardens.

The cut-off is decided depending on the requirement in which the light must be directed at.

How does LED wallpacks improve the outdoor lighting layout of any building?

With the use of LED wallpacks around the exterior of your building, you can achieve the desired lighting layout in a very economical way. Here are a few ways in which LED wallpack are beneficial and improve the lighting layout of any exterior:

Directional way of lighting

The cut-off designs allow the light to be directed in any direction. The beam spread of wall packs is wide and allows uniform spread over a huge chunk of any surface. This directional lighting is most of the time adjustable in a way that helps with highlighting, facade lighting of any exterior very efficiently.

Wide Beam Spread

The beam spread of wall packs can be adjusted by adjusting several other factors although they have an innate adequate beam spread.

The angle of elevation and mounting options, mounting high matters a lot in projecting the light adequately from the fixture. The various beam spreads are

  • Spot
  • Narrow spot
  • Verynarrow spot
  • Flood
  • Wide flood
  • Verywide flood


The LED lighting is adjustable as the colour rendering index and correlated colour temperature can be chosen according to the range. The correlated colour temperature falls in the range of 2500K to 6000K which is from warm yellow to cool white light. Different locations require different lights for various reasons the adjustable CRI impart better and original colours of the surroundings.

The light quality is 80% better than that of traditional lamps and much more efficient as it consumes less power and produces less heat.

In many ways, LED wall packs improve the exterior lighting due to a variety of options and design elements.

They are economical and the finishing is sleek and modern which adds a decorative and compact touch to the lighting layout.

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