How to Rock a Toe Ring

Currently worth around $324.6 billion, the global jewelry market is one of the largest industries in the world. There are tons of pieces that jewelry retailers sell from necklaces to bracelets to earrings. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more unique, there’s another option as well: toe rings.

But how can you choose a toe ring and rock it on any occasion? Read on to take a look at how to wear toe rings and look amazing while doing it.

Choose the Right Position

To begin your journey towards rocking a toe ring, you need to determine where you want it to be placed. The first step is, of course, choosing the toe that you want to fit it on.

Remember that toe rings are significant in Indian culture. However, you do not need to be Indian to wear a toe ring — many Indian people enjoy sharing their culture with others. Still, it’s important to wear your ring respectfully.

In India, toe rings tend to be only worn by married women. People outside of Indian culture tend to wear them regardless of their marital status, which is awesome. However, you should avoid wearing them in the exact way that Indian women do per their tradition.

Avoid wearing rings on the toe next to the big toe. This is the place that has Indian cultural significance. Luckily, you can choose literally any toe besides this one.

Many first-time toe ring wearers choose their middle toe or the one that sits between the middle and pinkie toe. These are the most comfortable options. Your big toe can knock against things and your pinkie toe is more sensitive.

Once you choose the toe, decide where exactly you want it to sit. The most comfortable location generally is right between your toe pad and knuckle. It’s the only place where your toe never touches the ground, so you won’t experience the pain of routine pressure.

Find Your Size

Finding the size toe ring you need is similar to measuring your finger for a regular ring. Get a piece of string that’s about 2 inches long. Find the position that you want your ring to sit at and wrap the string around it snugly.

Get a permanent marker and make a dot on your string where it overlaps with the other side. Cut it on this line to view the length more easily. This is the size of your toe ring’s required circumference.

You can then find a toe ring size chart online. Print it out, measure the string against it, and look to the chart for the size.

Pick an Awesome Ring

Now that you have your size down, it’s time to choose an amazing accessory!

Note that while you can wear gold toe rings when you want, this may be rude if you’re going to enter into an Indian cultural space. Gold is regarded as a royal metal, so silver is your best bet for toe ring etiquette on certain occasions.

If you’re not sure what you want, browse¬† They have a huge selection of awesome toe rings in dozens of designs. You’re sure to find one that you like.

This site is also perfect for those who know what they want their toe ring to look like. You can search for different band thicknesses, materials, colors, and embedded gemstones. Plus, all materials sold from this retailer are high-quality while still being affordable.

Make sure that you choose something that works well with your personal tastes. No matter how nice a toe ring looks online, you aren’t going to wear it if you aren’t fully on board with the design. There’s a perfect piece out there for you, so don’t give up on looking.

Match Your Personal Style

In addition to thinking about what you like, you also need to consider the other accessories that you regularly wear. Don’t get a silver toe ring if all of your other jewelry is gold. Clashing metals is never a good idea because it’s tacky.

You also should think about the colors that you wear regularly. Do you have more blues and greens in your closet than reds? Get something that features a sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, or turquoise stone.

Give Yourself a Pedicure

Wearing toe rings is awesome, but not if your feet aren’t fit to be seen. Make sure that you clean your feet and eliminate all grime from them. You want them to be beautiful when people look at your toe ring.

You can do this with a simple brush and soap. After that, think about the specific toe ring that you selected. If it’s a plain metal ring with no other colors, you have a fairly simple choice ahead of you.

Silver toe rings stand out when you use cool nail polish colors like blue and green. On the flipside, yellows and reds complement yellow or rose gold. You don’t want to clash colors and attract the wrong kind of attention to your toe ring.

If you’ve chosen a toe ring that has a gemstone incorporated into its design, you need to match the color of the gem. It’s best that you use another shade of the same hue that your gemstone boasts. For example, consider using a light or pastel blue to go with a deep sapphire.

Beyond How to Wear Toe Rings

Now that you know how to wear toe rings the right way, it’s time to start learning more about the outfits that they look awesome with.

Check out the rest of our webpage for more ways to rock awesome accessories. If you want to learn some tips on looking amazing and living your best life, browse the ‘lifestyle‘ tab today. Stay awesome!

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