How to improve your Dental Website: 4 Easy Ways

Looking for ways to improve your dental website?

Ever wondered what if your staff could help you in doing so?

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Well, there are multiple ways to improve your most important tool of digital marketing, your website!

4 Easy Ways to improve your dental marketing Sydney website:

  1. Create new and educational content:

Your staff answers your patients’ queries regularly and some of these questions can be used to write interesting and informing blogs. Possibly, your staff would write better for your dental business as they are aware of your patients’ requirements. Ask your team if anyone among them is interested in updating blogs for your website weekly. Such blogs are going to help you in attracting more readers to your website and turn them into potential clients.

Also, posting new and engaging content hebdomadally can help in better SEO rankings.

  • Respond to inquiries raised online:

If you have a website for your practice, probably you are receiving emails from your patients raising their questions. You should have one of your team members as an expert in giving quick replies. Response time of fewer than 24 hours should be set as your goal.

The most important, a quick appointment confirmation mail should be sent to those making online requests for booking appointments.

  • Inform patients about the Website:

Design a beautiful website with engaging content and make sure your patients know about your website. In your waiting room, create a display board with the latest newsletters and business cards with your website URL mentioned in them.

If a patient inquires by phone or email, ask your staff to tell him to visit their website also for more information and the services offered at your clinic.

Make sure your staff member responsible for handling mail inquiries mention the URL of your website at the end of every mail sent to your patients.

  • Use social media to promote your Website:

Social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram offers you a good platform to promote your dental website.

As per the data released by a recent survey, around 79% of the Australian population uses social media accounts on different platforms.

Keep in mind that you do not require to post every day on your different social media channels to promote your website.

A weekly post with a link to your recent blog offering some dental care tips or any other relevant information will do the work.


Choose one platform to promote your website: It is a wiser move to stick to one social media channel, make your presence solid and get your patients’attention, rather than spread to different channels, and make your presence thin.

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