How to choose an right awning Shelters

How to choose an right awning Shelters

An awning offers good protection from the sun and acts as a heating element to reduce the sensation of heat. The awning has become an essential element to enjoy the terrace in the hot hours, or simply to be in the shade in summer a little cooler, while you enjoy a bath and a delicious barbecue .

The awning is very practical because it allows you to extend the living area to the outside . Its protective effect also prevents the home from overheating due to exposure to the sun from doors and windows. The awning combines functionality and aesthetics and is also useful on rainy days thanks to its waterproof fabric .

Motorized or not, big or small, we can say without fear of sunstroke, that there is a perfect awning for every need.

How to measure the awning

As we have already pointed out, the first function of the awning is the sole protection r, (it acts as a shield). For the result to be completely satisfactory, first of all it is necessary to determine the dimensions of the awning to be measured based on the surface to be covered . Buy Door & Window Awnings

Taking the measurements is very simple: the awning must be larger than the area to be protected, and cover the area beyond the openings . Awnings with standard dimensions can be found from 3 meters wide . In addition, a small detail must be taken into account: the planet moves and consequently, the action of the sun changes place. Therefore, it is important to calculate the area that will be exposed to the sun, with the area that we want to be in the shade. On the Internet you can find free programs in which you can get the different projections of the shadow throughout the day and in the different seasons.

On the other hand, it is necessary to determine the maximum unfolding length of the awning arms, or technically, to calculate the projection . The existing and available configurations range from 1.50 m to 4 m , however, the most common measurement is usually 3.5 m, although there are much larger ones.

  • How to calculate the measurements of an awning
  • at what height is it going to be installed;
  • what will be the total width with everything included, that is: with the chest, the crank, etc.
  • what is the height between the openings (of the door or window) and the ceiling;
  • what is the depth to cover;
  • what area to protect;
  • what is the height under the lintel.
  • Types of tarpaulins for awnings

In addition to the measurements, the canvas is a determining element of the awning. The quality of the canvas and its intrinsic characteristics mean that it can resist better or worse to UV rays and preserve from heat. The awnings are usually made of 3 types of canvas:

Canvas types

Polyester canvas

Polyester canvas is not very resistant to UV rays. Therefore, it is a solution for occasional use or economy is sought. To ensure longevity, it is best to protect the awning with a cover.

Acrylic canvas

Acrylic canvas is very resistant to UV rays and is easy to maintain simply with water. Acrylic canvas does not rot and is perfectly suitable for outdoor use. It is resistant and long lasting . However, the ventilation of the air underneath is not its strong point.

Micro-perforated canvas 

The micro-perforated canvas is the best of all: it resists UV rays , tears, does not rot and is very easy to maintain with water. Its biggest advantage is that it ventilates very well under the awning. Why? Because being micro-perforated, the canvas does not create accumulations of heat under the awning.

Awning canvas maintenance

To keep the canvas in good condition, the dust must be cleaned regularly so that it does not deteriorate its color. It is also convenient to wash with soapy water once or twice a year.

Awning with or without skirt

The skirt is the piece of canvas that hangs at the end of the awning , a complement to the sun protection . The most common is the wavy skirt, although there are also straight ones.

The skirt can also be rolled up. Why? Because with a flush sun, it protects more against reflections and can serve as an auxiliary parapet to protect the interior from the view of the curious.

Full box or semi box for the awning

Choosing one or the other model of chest is a matter of budget, although other criteria must also be taken into account.


The semi chest only protects the canvas . The articulated arms of the awning remain folded under the hood.

Integral chest

The integral chest also protects the arms . Therefore, the entire structure is protected from the elements. Depending on the degree of use and its location, this can be a decisive and even indispensable criterion. The choice of the integral box is also aesthetic because it allows to hide the mechanism and the hardware under the external coating. And as you may have understood, less exposure means better protection!

Motorized awning or manual awning

Manual awning

Without a doubt, the manual awning is the most economical . However, its dimensions must be taken into account. Think that the bigger it is, the more difficult it will be to use the crank. Remember that the awning should increase comfort, not be a nuisance. Therefore, you should choose this type of awnings for small ones or in case you want to save.

Motorized awning

With the motorized awning with wall switch (wired) or with remote control (remote control), we achieve maximum comfort. It is an excellent alternative to avoid having to force the forearm, although in any case, it is advisable to equip yourself with an additional crank in case the technology ever fails.

You also have to know that there are other very desirable options, such as the wind detector or the sun detector . So you don’t have to worry about weather changes!

In addition, the fact of choosing a motorized system allows you to move on to other options such as lighting. 

Do not forget that the articulated arms must be cleaned well so that the deployment is comfortable and does not make noise. As always, the better the material is cared for, the longer it will last!

The outdoor roller blind is a type of awning with similar functions to a roller blind. It is placed outside the window, a glazed terrace or delimiting a porch, and in an elegant way, it protects its interior from the sun, cuts the passage of air and keeps the interior cool.

Tips for choosing the right awning

Before placing the awning, you must choose the appropriate fixings well. Choose plugs and screws so that they are perfectly fixed.In general, the awning is placed on the facade against the chosen wall, although they can also be placed on the ceiling when possible, giving a more aesthetic result.

When choosing the canvas, do not skimp. If you live in a warm place, use the micro-perforated canvas without