How To Build A Dog House

Dogs love to romp outside during the day. In the evenings and at night, they yearn for their own familiar place to relax and seek shelter. A doghouse is the most suitable place for this.

In this job you can read how you can make a dog house for a medium sized dog, genre border collie, cocker spaniel … If you have a smaller or larger dog, you can adjust the sizes to your liking. Make sure that the proportions remain more or less the same.

Step 1: making front and back walls

  • Assemble the front and back walls by attaching 8 boards each with the tongue and groove connections.
  • Tap the planks with a wooden hammer, so that each connection fits perfectly.
  • Fix the planks with 3 connecting battens per wall. You place the two outer slats on a plank thickness from the edge (because the side walls will have to connect seamlessly here) and you position 1 slat exactly in the middle.
  • From the center mark out the sloping lines for the roof to the top of the 6th plank and cut the corners with a jigsaw.
  • You can of course adjust the angle of inclination of the roof to your liking: blunt by drawing the lines above the 7th plank, or sharper by cutting the corners to the 5th plank, for example. You do have to adjust the height of the side walls.

Step 2: provide the entrance

  • Draw the entrance in the front wall from the 2nd to the 6th plank (you can also make the entrance smaller depending on the size of your dog).
  • Given the modest dimensions of this dog house, it is best to place the entrance in the middle.
  • If you want an arched entrance, you can use a large board as a template.
  • Drill a hole on the marked line with a wood drill. From there you can saw out the rest of the opening. You can of course also saw through the middle fixing bar, but screw 2 slats on both sides of the opening for reinforcement.

Step 3: build side walls

  • Slide the shelves for the side walls (6 shelves per wall) together and fix them with two connecting slats.
  • Make sure that the boards connect well with each other via the tongue and groove connection.
  • Place the slats about a third of the length of the wall. Do not place them too close to the edge, otherwise you will get in the way if you join the front and side walls together.

Step 4: Merge front and side walls

  • Now assemble the construction by screwing the side walls to the outer connecting battens of the front walls.
  • You can pre-drill and ream the holes with a countersink bit for a smooth finish.
  • Finally, finish the outside corners with corner slats (made of wood, metal, plastic …) for a nice finish.

Step 5: Install the floor slab

  • Saw the openings of the connecting battens out of the floor plate.
  • Lower the floor plate into the loft and screw it from the outside with 3 long screws in the side walls and 2 screws in the back and front wall. Select the dimensions of the screws in relation to the thickness of the floor plate. Take care of the finish on the outside by first reaming the holes with a countersink bit.

Step 6: making the roof

  • Screw the 2 OSB plates to the sloping tops of the doghouse.
  • You can have the planks connect exactly or opt for a crossing.
  • Nail a layer of roofing felt to the roof with asphalt nails.
  • Finish the roof with shingles. Proceed as described in our job ‘Installing roof shingles’.
  • Finally, treat the doghouse with a protective stain. Consult our job ‘Maintaining a wooden garden house’ .

Step 7: Install the doghouse

  • Place the doghouse in a suitable location in your yard or, as is often the case, in the large dog cage.
  • Preferably choose a higher location, which will not be flooded after a heavy rain shower.
  • To be on the safe side, you can place the loft on wooden and concrete blocks.

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