How does the paraphrasing tool help the students?

Paraphrasing is a hard skill to master, but also very essential for the growth of the student, students who don’t learn the art of paraphrasing will end up being a poor writer as well as in the red zone “known as Plagiarism”. This is not a good thing.

What is a paraphrasing tool- and a remedy of academic writing?

At a very basic level, paraphrasing is converting something into our own words.

One of the serious offenses in the field of academics is the issue of plagiarism, writing an assignment by taking someone’s ideology without his/her permission is purely unethical as per the academic bodies.

Yes, it all depends on the teacher to avoid student’s plagiarized assignments, but that is going to harm a student’s educational career growth.

This is the point where the paraphrasing tool comes into play.

A paraphrasing tool can manipulate the words according to the user’s satisfaction level while keeping the same ideology meaning.

Paraphrasing online tool is equipped with the latest AI programming like machine learning to understand the concept of the idea and then research it, analyze it, and interprets it in different words.

In addition, it blends the texts to ensure that they fit the context of students’ work.

Is it legal to use a paraphrasing tool?

Yes, it’s legal to use a paraphrasing tool but the student should not leave totally up to a tool, in fact, he/she should use an advanced customization level to make it more readable and unique while eliminating all the errors.

Key points for students while giving credit to the author

The student is not required to give credit or reference for all the paraphrased content in his submission.

Points to be considered when giving credit to authors:

  • When describing the idea of another author to compare or support with a specific opinion
  • The paraphrased version still retains all the quality of the argument made by the original author
  • The instance when a student is writing and borrowed a piece of information like an infographic which is not a piece of common knowledge
  • The exact sequence along with quotations to highlight the idea put forward by the original author.

Importance of paraphrasing tool for students

In the beginning stages of a student’s career, the student would just have initiated to develop their sense of authorship. Hence, they are not expected to provide inventive skills in their periodic submissions.

It is in this scenario that the importance of the paraphrasing tool online emerges. An effective paraphrasing tool online would help students in eliminating the risk of content duplication.

Academic writing is a quite challenging task especially for those who are not good with paraphrasing.

Students often have to write on similar topics so they rely on previous papers, well while writing again in a new assignment the student should quote and cite properly to avoid falling into the traps of plagiarism.

Students must know that plagiarism involves copying the work of others without their concern or permission, and plagiarism boundary is not limited to text it also involves duplicating pictures, infographics, charts, videos, etc.

Therefore a paraphrasing tool can allow reusing someone’s thought or idea while changing its structures and meaning to equally as it looks like our own original work.

Why do they need to use a paraphrasing tool?

Now the thing is students have a lot of work to do it’s not just a single assignment they have to submit.

There are several assignments to complete at a given time, to cut short it, manual paraphrasing takes a lot of time and scraps brain power, whereas experts use paraphrasing applications to save their precious time and money.

Online paraphrasing tools give a chance to students to rewrite a bulk amount of text within few seconds, as a result, the final reproduced work will be the personal work of the students own rather than that of any other authors.

Once the student has paraphrased content, the final content will be pure enough to stand out of plagiarism boundaries.

One of the main advantages of using a paraphrasing tool is that it helps to give a different look to an already published statement while giving it a unique look by garnishing it in our own expressive phrases.

Paraphrasing Example:

A student can evidently understand the meaning of paraphrasing if he/she sees the example as given below.

Let’s rephrase a simple sentence:

“I was unable to go to the shopping mall because it was raining outside”.

Now the paraphrased sentence is likely to be:

“It was raining so, I couldn’t go to the shopping mall”.

Once again as described earlier paraphrasing is the rewording of sentences, neither its’ theft nor is it plagiarized.

But this is just a small sentence, whereas students have to write lengthy papers and assignments so the best way is to use a paraphrasing tool to save their time and brainpower.

Which makes it important to choose wisely a good academic paraphrasing tool to rewrite and rephrase the sentences whenever required.

Although there are numerous tools available online claiming to be the perfect paraphrasing tool they are not quite good, especially as they are programmed to general vocabulary.

Students should opt for the paraphrasing tool that is well renowned for academic writings.


A student’s life cycle is all about the continuous learning process, no one is a born artist of paraphrasing and it takes time and effort to master this skill.

Experts are widely using paraphrasing tools in their daily activities to create new content, so as a beginner, students can jump on directly to excel in their academics while using a paraphrasing tool.

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