Sipping Your Way Towards Wellness: 4 Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

Are you ready to up your health game and enjoy some refreshing tea along the way? Hibiscus may be the tea for you!

Hibiscus flowers grow in moderate and tropical conditions and are known for their beautiful petals. They grow in various regions around the world, ranging from East Asia to Africa.

The most common type used for tea is Hibiscus sabdariffa. This flower has a cranberry-like flavor, balancing tartness with a sweet undertone, similar to cranberries.

Read on to see how hibiscus tea can keep you healthy and refreshed!

1. Antioxidant Power

One of the main benefits of hibiscus tea is the vast number of antioxidants it holds. Though antioxidants are tiny, they help boost your body’s efficiency.

Antioxidants help keep your cells functioning at max capacity. When your cells become damaged, your body begins to lag a bit. By drinking hibiscus tea, your body gets a dose of antioxidants to repair and fight any diseases or infections your cells are facing.

One unique feature of hibiscus is that they contain anthocyanin, creating a signature red tea. Anthocyanin may also reduce your chances of developing chronic diseases when consumed regularly.

2. Metabolism Boost

Consuming hibiscus tea can also change your metabolism. Hibiscus has been shown to activate the AMPK compound that affects metabolism. This means that hibiscus tea revs your metabolism and promotes fa loss.

Other studies show that even if hibiscus doesn’t help you shed pounds, it can limit your weight gain. This is due to hibiscus tea lowering your overall blood sugar, leading to decreased appetite.

Plus, when you add no sugar to your tea, you are consuming less sugar, which contributes to weight loss.

3. Hormonal Regulation

Hibiscus tea also helps regulate your hormones in surprising ways. This is due to the effects hibiscus has on estrogen.

Some use hibiscus tea to induce menstruation. If your periods are irregular or you have finished birth control, hibiscus can help you get back on track. Plus, if you have painful cramps, hibiscus curbs some of the pain.

Unfortunately, this means drinking hibiscus tea also poses a threat to pregnant women.

Because hibiscus tea affects hormones, it can also act as an antidepressant. This is because of the highly concentrated vitamins and minerals found in the hibiscus. Use this tea to calm the nervous system and as a mood booster.

4. Bacteria Fighting

Hibiscus tea is also known for having antibacterial properties. Due to the large amounts of Vitamin C, the hibiscus boosts the immune system and can ward off things like urinary tract infections.

Try Yarra Valley Pure Hibiscus Tea Leaves, if you are experiencing any inflammatory issues like a headache, a rash, or stomach problems.

Tea Time

All this tea talk making you crave some yourself? Here’s how to brew hibiscus tea.

Add 2 teaspoons of your favorite hibiscus leaves to a mug. Add 1 cup boiling water and let the mixture sit for 5 minutes. Then, strain.

For additional flavor, try adding spices like cinnamon, cloves, and lemon when steeping! Tried hibiscus tea and still wanting more? Check out our Health page for more ways to keep your body in check!

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