A Beginner’s Guide to Gemstones

They say gemologists can study a precious gemstone for over a lifetime and still not know everything there is to know about it. Professional gemologists spend their time cutting gemstones, studying them, and assessing their value. 

Recently, however, gemstones have been used for their healing energies and frequencies. All types of crystals are being used to heal and raise vibrations. 

If want to learn more about healing crystals, this guide to gemstones has everything you need to know.

What Do Crystals Do?

Crystals carry energy and unique vibrations. The energy in the crystal can realign your energy and help you reach a higher state of being.

Their composition and structure emit frequency and vibration that are constant and unchanging. When the crystal comes into contact with lower energy or frequency it can raise that vibration to meet its own. It is attuned to your body’s energy and can help you alleviate mental and spiritual blockages. 

How to Use Gemstones 

There are so many ways to use crystals. As you learn about their energies and frequencies, you will know how to use each stone for its purpose. There are some easy ways to incorporate the use of crystals in your everyday life. 

Once you have chosen a crystal with the energy that you desire, you can carry one in your purse or pocket to absorb its healing power. You can also hold the stone in your hand while you meditate, place it in your home, or wear it as jewelry. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Gemstones  

There are so many types of gemstones and they all serve a particular purpose. If you are just starting to learn about healing crystals and gemstones, this quick guide to gemstones is perfect for must-have beginner crystals. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz helps to manifest self-love and acceptance. This is love for the self, as opposed to romantic love. It represents embracing who you are and that starts at the core. 

Its energy is soft, gentle, and is ideal for connecting to your heart and opening it up. Rose quartz also supports relationships with friends and family. 

To absorb the comforting energy of rose quartz, you can hold it over your heart and set an intention of self-love.  


Amethyst is a powerful stone for increasing your intuition and soothing stress or tension in your life. It is good for creating healthy habits and curbing negative ones like smoking or drinking. It is often used as a helpful reminder for those struggling with sobriety. 

You can keep an amethyst crystal in your home or your car for protective energy and frequency. It is perfect for home decor as it is associated with beauty.  

You can use this stone as an extra healing tool while practising yoga or meditating. With this crystal nearby, you can set your intention to a peaceful and calm mind to absorb its energy. 


Aquamarine is calming and soothing in its energy and vibration. It is also well-known for its association with eternal youth and good fortune. People often wear aquamarine to calm their anger and help with communication. 

This healing crystal can even be used for children who have suffered through emotional trauma or for those with anxiety. 

Reminiscent of the ocean, aquamarine gives off feminine energy and has a positive impact on relationships. As a gift, the aquamarine gemstone is the ideal crystal for the special woman in your life. 

The Bottom Line on Gemstones

Finding the healing crystal that is right for you takes some time and research. With this guide to gemstones, you are closer to understanding the healing power of crystals and how you can use them to raise your vibration. 

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