Get More Photography Gigs with These Hot Tips

Photography has grown in popularity both among hobbyists and people who want to do photography professionally. When you’re looking for more gigs for your photography business, you’ll need to stand out from the crowd so that people find a reason to come to you. Use these five ways of marketing your photography business to bring in more customers and find regular work as a photographer:

1) Build a great website with a great portfolio

Most people turn to internet search engines when they want information on any topic. So the chances are pretty high that a potential client looking for a photographer can turn to the Google search engine before trying anywhere else.

This is why you need a good website that is search engine optimized. SEO helps ensure that your website is listed higher in the Google search page rankings. Now once a potential client does open your website, you’ll need to do your best to make them stay. This can be achieved with a visually striking website that relays information clearly and is easy to navigate.

Only place necessary information on your website, such as your portfolio and how to contact you. Center your website design around your portfolio. With your portfolio as the main focus of your website, your clients will find it immediately.

Adding a blog is a good way to bring more clients to your website. Remember to share your blog on your social media channels. When people click on your link, then it’ll take them to your blog on your website.

2) Leverage social media

As a photographer, you can use different social media accounts to find more work. Facebook lets you post ads targeted ads that can help you reach people looking for photographers in your area. The geotargeting ability of Facebook ads assists you in finding people near your locality who are looking for photographers.

Instagram is another social media platform you should leverage as a photographer. Showcase your skills and turn your Instagram account into a portfolio of sorts to bring in more clients.

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Other social media accounts can also be used to spread the word about your brand. But, you need to ensure that you regularly update all your business social media accounts and reply to user questions and queries. This can get tiring if you try to open too many accounts across multiple social media platforms. Instead, narrow your focus down to no more than three or four social media platforms. Choose those platforms exclusively where you can find gigs, approach clients directly ask for referrals from people or photographers you know. Places like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube are all great for photographers.

3) Develop a brand story

Many photography businesses chose to focus on niches over general photography. There is a strong marketing angle to this. When looking for a niche for your brand, try to identify a space where there are no photographers even though a demand exists. If you can find a niche within which your competition is non-existent or limited, you can turn your find into real success.

Even if you can’t, but you choose your niche based on your strengths, you still need to become an authority within your niche. Do this by blogging about photography in your niche regularly, giving people tips, appearing at networking events, and marketing yourself exclusively within your niche.

Integrate your niche into your brand story and develop a strong brand image so that clients find you memorable.

4) Referrals and client testimonials

Referrals are how you’ll find most of your clients. To start getting referrals, you need to first ask everyone you know to give them to you. Ask your friends, your family, and clients you’ve already worked with whether they know anyone who would need your services.

Add your number, your address, your website, and other professional details to the Google listings directory as well. That way, anyone looking for a photographer in your general area can find your contact details immediately.

Adding client testimonials to your website and social media accounts can also help you bring in new prospective clients. So, remember to ask your clients to leave behind a review if they enjoyed your work.

5) Get insured and work with peace of mind

As a photographer, you could be hauling around expensive equipment on a regular basis. Since your gear is your lifeblood when it comes to your photography career, getting them insured from

The right photographer insurance package can help you keep your business going even if your equipment suffers from damage or protect you from risk. Compare policies online for photographers insurance to find the package that has the right amount of cover and cost to your business.

These five tips are all you need to keep finding regular work for your photography business. As long as you’re proactive, willing to go out there to meet new clients, and ready to work hard, your photography business is bound to prosper.

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