All About Essential Oils for Mental Health

Every year 25% of Americans experience severe mental concerns.

For some, it’s crippling anxiety, whereas others find themselves weighed down by depression. Sadly, mental health is easy to overlook, until something goes wrong. It’s not like broken bone doctors are quick to diagnose. Instead, left unchecked, our mental health can deteriorate to a state that’s beyond our control, without us even noticing.

If you don’t want to let your mind get away from you, then you have to be proactive when it comes to self-care. This article will show you how essential oils can help you enhance your mental and physical well-being. What healing oils should you try? Read on to find out!

Lovely Lavender

Feeling uptight and on edge? If yes, then lavender can be your new best friend. Lavender is popular for its soothing aroma, and you can use it with subtle or strong essential oils. If you want an essential oil that’s less than normal, you can even dilute it on your own. Simply add a few drops of water to the dose you would normally use in your diffuser, and you’ll be good to go.

You can also look into getting lotions that are infused with lavender oils. Massaging the lavender oil lotions into your skin, you can inhale the peaceful sense. Before you know it, your mind will start to relax, and your body will begin to feel a sense of calm.

Charming Chamomile

You’ve probably heard of chamomile tea, but did you know that chamomile is also an essential oil? Chamomile can help in a variety of ways, similar to many essential oils. Rather than focusing on one thing, you can enjoy both physical and mental benefits. Make sure you buy quality sourced chamomile oils, like the ones at

What exactly can chamomile do? First, chamomile can help with inflammation. If somebody is suffering from a condition such as arthritis, which causes chronic inflammation, chamomile could help loosen things up. Next, the charming essential oil is also known for its ability to combat depression and increase motivation. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, chamomile could be the perfect pick me up.

Super Citrus

When you think of enjoying a large glass of orange juice, does a smile instantly spread across your face? It’s no mistake that drinking, eating, and even smelling citrus makes us happy. Citrus plants are abundant and terpenes, which help create their aromatic experience.

The zinging notes of lemon or explosive grapefruit scents can instantly enhance your mood and state of well-being. We suggest diffusing citrus scents at the beginning of the day, to get the energy up and going. You can also put citrus-infused oils on clothing items to smell incredible.

Choosing Your First Essential Oils

After reading this article? What essential oils are you going to try first? Will you be chilling out with a lovely lavender? Are you going to attack your goals with an uplifting chamomile oil?

Go ahead and pick one oil that you can try first. Of course, you can always buy a few and make your essential oil blends. the money you spend on mood-enhancing oils will be going to a good cause. After all, investing in your mental and physical well-being is always a wise choice! For more of these guys, explore the rest of our site.

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