The ABCs of PDFs: 3 Methods to Edits PDFs Without Adobe

If you’re applying for a job listing that doesn’t ask for the type of file your resume should be, it’s a general rule to send it as a PDF. That alone proves that PDFs run the online world.

Finding a way to edit PDFs is just as essential to our daily lives as PDFs are. And while Adobe Acrobat may seem like the only to edit your PDFs, there are many resources for editing your PDFs just waiting to be discovered.

Not sure where to get started in your journey to find out how to edit a PDF without Adobe? Keep reading for our list.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has more to offer than editing and writing services. This versatile application can make PDF editing simple, fast, and convenient.

First, you are going to download your PDF. Then you will need to open the file in a Word document. Word will make your PDF into a different format that will allow you to edit its contents.

Word won’t change the contents of your PDF in any way. It will only make it so you will be able to edit the contents that are already in the PDF.

After making your edits, go back to your word menu. Select save as and make sure to save the format as PDF.

Google Docs

Google Docs is another application made for sharing content that you can edit your PDFs in.

After saving your PDF to your computer, download it to your google drive. Next, open your PDF in Google Docs.

Opening your PDF in Google Docs will work in a way similar to Word. You will be able to edit your PDF as if it was a document. Once you are finished with your edits, click download as PDF.

Make sure to check your computer files to see that your newly edited PDF is updated and in the correct PDF format.

Edit Your PDFs Online

Powerhouse applications are not where your resources to edit PDFs end. There are many places where you can edit PDFs online. 

You can edit and write on PDFs through PDFcandy, PDFelement, and Write on PDF. These resources will allow you to change or highlight a PDF just by uploading it to their app or website.

You can also print PDFs straight to your most readily available printer with Sejda PDF Editor or c# print pdf.

Work Smarter, Not Harder to Edit PDFs

There are many PDF editors to help you in your journey to make things just a little bit easier for yourself. Try all of your options until you figure out one that works best for your workflow style. With this list, you will be able to edit your PDFs without Adobe Acrobat and without any hassle.

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