Easy Home Upgrades You Can Do on a Budget

Unless you are already living in your dream home, chances are there are a few upgrades that you’d like to make. But going through a remodel can be a big job and not everyone has the budget or the patience for it. There are some ways that real estate agents swear by to give your home a new look without that major investment of time or money. These projects can be helpful whether you are looking to sell your home, or just want to make your space more pleasant.

Declutter everything

The first and probably the easiest step in giving your home an upgrade is going through what you already have and getting rid of items that you don’t need or use anymore. Leave no space untouched as you go through clothing, papers, dishes, books, and all of the other contents in your home. You can work by room and by category and may find it easiest to go through a small room like a bathroom first. Even furniture that has seen better days can hit the curb to help you see where you have space to leave areas of your home open or for updates like adding a new sitting area, or home office nook.

Repaint a room or accent wall

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to revive a home and there are some areas you can focus on if you aren’t ready to take on the job of repainting your entire home. Some paint jobs that can change to be easy upgrades are painting your bathroom, or picking one wall in your kitchen or living room to be an accent wall. Bold colors or wallpaper can be ways to upgrade while adding a design element to your home. To update what real estate agents call curb appeal, which is making the outside of your home look its best, especially when it’s time to sell, you can paint your front door in a shade of red, white, yellow, or blue.

Replace hardware in kitchens and bathrooms

Going through a bathroom or kitchen remodel is one of those big-ticket upgrades that can completely change your home. But you can start with less of an investment, by taking off cabinet doors and repainting them, replacing hardware for sinks and cabinets, and adding a new backsplash with stick-on tiles. Getting new appliances in your kitchen, even something as simple as replacing your towels and adding a few plants can revive your space.

Buy new blinds or window coverings

Chances are you want to upgrade your home to maximize the space that you have and adding light can do wonders as top real estate agents will tell you. Of course, adding new windows or a skylight is one way to go, but you could also start by removing your window coverings and thinking about upgrading with blinds. Handing a mirror directly across from a window can not only create the illusion of more space, but it will also reflect more light into a room. Increasing the number of plants in your home can also make it feel more light and airy. Before you take the leap to go through a major home remodel, start with some of these changes that will be easier on your wallet and can have you enjoying a refreshed space that you’ll look forward to coming home to.

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