What Are the Different Types of Cosmetic Surgery?

Choosing the right type of cosmetic surgery can do more than alter your appearance – it can also give you a boost in confidence. In a 2020 study on the influence of cosmetic surgery, 64.4% of respondents reported that cosmetic surgery positively influenced their social lives. 

Part of enjoying the benefits of procedures such as facelifts and dermabrasion is selecting the right procedure for you. Whether you have a medical condition that needs to be corrected or you want to change something about your appearance, there’s likely a surgery to help you with that.

In this article, we discuss the different types of cosmetic surgery as well as the benefits of undergoing these procedures. Continue reading to find out if these procedures could be a good fit for you.

Understanding the Types of Cosmetic Surgery

There are cosmetic procedures for almost any part of your body. These procedures are done for a number of reasons such as if someone wants to alter their appearance, they have a medical condition, or suffered significant cosmetic injuries in an accident. 

The majority of cosmetic procedures involve the head, face, and eyes. These include procedures such as facelifts, eyelid lifts, and cleft lip and cleft palate surgery. 

Other procedures include alterations to the breasts, abdomen, arms, and skin. Some examples of these procedures are vein removal, scar revision, and breast augmentation. 

Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

Regardless of the reasons for pursuing surgery, the results can help you feel more confident. Whether your surgery was selected to alter an ‘undesirable’ aspect of your appearance or to correct a medical issue, feeling healthier and looking the way you want to look is a great boost to your mood and can fight insecurities.

This boost in confidence can also lead to other psychological benefits. Some patients report improved mental health such as an improvement in their depression and anxiety. 

Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures

While there is a variety of options when it comes to cosmetic procedures, we will explain the most popular procedures. Keep in mind, there’s a difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. However, in some cases, these surgeries overlap.

Cosmetic surgery is focused on visual appearance while plastic surgery is less concerned about the aesthetic outcome. Plastic surgery corrects birth defects, medical conditions, or damage from accidents. Burn repair is an example of this. 

Our list of the most common types of cosmetic surgeries includes those focusing on aesthetic outcomes. However, these procedures can be performed for reasons other than cosmetic appearance.

It’s also important to remember that all procedures come with risks and side effects. Before undergoing an elective cosmetic procedure, we recommend discussing these risks with your doctor.

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that alters the appearance of the patient’s lips. A filler is injected into the lips or around the mouth to create volume. Collagen or hyaluronic acid are common fillers, though hyaluronic acid is more commonly used today.

These fillers change the appearance of the lips by either creating volume, altering the shape, or adjusting the structure of the mouth. The procedure needs to be repeated every 6 months to maintain the appearance. This can be done by a qualified plastic surgeon, see more here. 

Breast Augmentation

There are different procedures that alter the appearance of breasts, but breast augmentation alters size. It can also help restore volume lost due to childbirth or weight loss. This allows for more rounded, symmetrical, breasts. 

To do this, the surgeon uses breast implants or fat transfer. There are several different types of breast implants to choose from based on the desired effect and cost. 

Fat transplants take fat from other areas of your body to inject into your breast. This is done with liposuction (explained below). This is a preferred method in breast augmentation when the desired increase in breast size is small.


Dermabrasion is a technique used to remove outer layers of the skin. It’s a common outpatient procedure performed by dermatologists. 

This exfoliating treatment is beneficial in improving the appearance of the skin. Dermabrasion reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles, sun damage, scars, and more. 


Facelifts are surgical procedures that minimize the visual evidence of aging. Causes of these signs of aging include thinning skin, sun damage, smoking, and more. 

These causes result in sagging skin, wrinkles, excess fat on the neck, double chin, and other issues. Facelifts are often accompanied by other procedures such as a browlift or eyelid lift.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping)

A rhinoplasty, or the process of reshaping the nose, alters the shape, size, or alignment of the nose. This procedure corrects issues such as a crooked nose, bumps or misalignments, blocked nasal passages, and more. 

This is a popular procedure among teenagers and adults alike. Though the surgeon will need to determine if a teenager is a candidate. They do this by making sure the development of the nose is complete and the patient is emotionally mature enough to understand the process and potential outcomes.


Liposuction removes fat from areas of the body. As the name suggests, this is done through a suction technique. While the procedure is not an alternative to weight loss through diet and exercise, in can help with areas that haven’t responded to those methods. 

For example, someone who is losing weight or has lost weight may have fat remaining in their calves, chin, or neck. Liposuction can remove these fat deposits. 

Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

Choosing the right cosmetic surgery can give you the boost of confidence you need. Whether you choose plastic surgery to correct a medical condition or want a cosmetic change, these benefits could be yours. 

While breast augmentation and facelifts come with certain risks, so do all procedures. Make sure you understand on these risks by talking with your doctor. That way, you can feel confident in your decision and focus on enjoying the end results. 

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