Top Trends To Follow In Content Marketing In 2020

Content marketing is an ever-changing marketing approach that urges its employers to do better than yesterday. In other words, if you do not adapt, your content strategy is bound to crumble. Therefore, it is important for businesses and marketers to adapt and change according to the requirements that content marketing presents.

However, how can one go about ensuring this? While there might be no definite answer, one of them is to keep a close eye on trends. What is working for someone else may have to be changed and devised according to your requirement. However, you must use it according to your needs. In order to expound on this further, let us look at a few of the most important content trends of 2020.

Interactive Content

Interactive content has various definitions. One can almost attribute it to co-creation of content, but we will talk about that later. However, the primary type of interactive content is when the consumer, reader or viewer gets to be the part of it. It does not only encourage better communication with the audience, but it also helps them participate and makes them feel like a part of something. In other words, it enables one to tap into emotions or other driving forces of a consumer.

However, what exactly is interactive content? You may have been to social media in recent times and seen many brands asking questions or encouraging their customer base to participate in the comment section. Now that is encouraging interaction and urges the first contact. Other methods include polls, suggestions and things of that nature.

QR Code Marketing

If you are a frequent user of the internet or digital media in general, you may have been prompted to use QR code in one way or another. QR code is like a bar code that your mobile phone camera scans then it is redirected towards something, in most cases a website, mobile phone application or social media. This has become one of the prominent trends in recent memory as many major brands are making the most of it and it is fun to use.

What basically happens is a company or marketer presents a QR code to the desired customer or targeted market. As soon as they scan that code through their phone, they find themselves on the landing page of a website or on a specific section of a mobile app. Now what it does is it provides immense opportunities to direct customers towards a landing page, discounted offers or any other desired location. In most cases, it is used for discount related purposes.

Usage Of Social Media Networks

While companies and marketers have been using social media networks for years, what exactly has changed in recent times then? Now they are not only using it for various type of content, but some businesses have also used social media networks as their primary content marketing driving force. Not only do they favour social media over other mediums, but their approach is also primarily cantered around it and its content.

You would notice many are using social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other apps in order to reach their targeted audience. You see, it is a clever approach as the above-mentioned applications feature a specific kind of audience.

Unorthodox Methods

While content marketing is anything but a traditional marketing method, it has some of the strategies that one can regard as unorthodox. For instance, in recent times, Wikipedia pages have become one of the most vital tools in marketing. According to Wikipedia Page Writing Service, one of the most sought-out solutions in content marketing is a Wikipedia page as it can garner one authenticity and legitimacy.

Content Co-Creation

Content co-creation is nothing new but it is heavily used in recent times. However, there are two main types of content creation.

  1. Creation with audience
  2. Creation with peers

The first one allows brands or marketers to encourage the audience into contributing. Through this, they encourage thousands and maybe millions, depending on the magnitude of a company, to participate in content creation. While others is simply affiliate marketing that uses the help of peers or fellow marketers from the industry.

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