5 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Cleaning Company

Around 28% of Americans clean their homes for over 7 hours per week while 26% clean 3 to 4 hours per week. However, some people aren’t sure if they’re cleaning enough or correctly.

Assuring deep cleaning is one of the primary functions of a commercial cleaning company. If you want to free up more time for more meaningful business activities, get the best cleaners around. To do so, interview the best ones in your area.

In this guide, you’ll learn the best questions to ask your potential cleaning company. Read on and determine their competence now:

1. How Competent Are Your Employees and How Do You Screen Them?

A commercial cleaning company stands out because of its employees. A great cleaning company ensures their employees went through a background check and personality screening. Thoroughly verifying and referencing employment history also ensures a trustworthy team.

Ask how the cleaning company screens their employees. Further, determine whether their employees have the right training to help you assess their competency.

Commercial cleaners with the right expertise ensure quality and consistent cleaning services. It’s especially true if you’re looking for medical cleaning services.

2. Do You Have Relevant Insurance?

Did you know S & S Cleaning Service LLC is a fully bonded and insured cleaner? It helps give customers peace of mind and confidence in the company’s cleaning services.

When you look for a cleaning company, ask whether they acquired the relevant insurances. A great office cleaning company protects your company from possible incidents.

3. Will the Same Cleaner Uphold My Facility?

Having the same long-term cleaner is beneficial since they understand your cleaning requirements. You can rest easy, knowing they’ll deliver responsive and quality cleaning services to your facility.

Ask your commercial cleaning company this question. A great cleaning company will send the same person or team. They know continuity is key to quality services.

There are times when your regular cleaners aren’t available. Thus they’ll send in equally competent cleaners as a substitute.

4. Does Your Commercial Cleaning Company Provide Eco-Friendly Services?

Ensure they meet environmental standards in cleaning products and approaches. Besides fulfilling environmental responsibility, it enhances your facility’s image. It’s especially true for businesses relying on environmentally friendly recognition to stand out from competitors.

5. Is Your Cleaning Service Flexible?

It’s nice to know you can rely on your commercial cleaning company during emergencies. Ask you’re cleaning company how soon they can provide services during emergencies and at what cost.

Get a company with enough flexibility to work around your schedule. It’s always great to have a cleaning partner who has your back regardless of the situation.

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We hope this guide helped you get the right questions for your commercial cleaning company services. Getting cleaning help relieves stress and allows you to improve your business because of free time.

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