What is the cheapest cut in diamond rings?

If you have planned to trade in diamonds or want to buy a diamond wedding ring, you need to do proper research. Only then decide where to invest. A lot of people who are new to the diamond market don’t know how the shape of diamond decides its market value. When it comes to your pocketbook, the shape of the diamond greatly matters. The majority of the diamond cuts are extremely expensive. However, there are a few that can suit your pocket.

Which is the most expensive cut of diamonds?

Round cut diamond is usually considered the most expensive of the cuts. It is also known as the modern brilliant cut. It is a traditional classic diamond shape and that’s what makes it the most expensive of all forms. It is a royalty good, hence the most popular option among diamond lovers. We see our favorite celebrities adorning this beautiful cut of diamond on Red carpet events and more. That’s another reason behind the hefty price tag.

You don’t need to invest in round diamonds to look class apart. Try to switch your preference to a different option. Various diamond shapes are considered fancy cuts. But they are way cheaper in their prices. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the cheapest cut of the diamond. However, before that, we need to learn how diamond prices vary from cut to cut. So, let’s get started.

The reason why diamond pricing varies from cut to cut:

Diamonds, when extracted are rough and in crude form. They are not cut, cleaned or brilliant when they come out of the ground. Once extracted these stones are cut into different shapes. It takes a lot of time and effort to turn these rough stones into beautifully cut pieces of diamonds. To achieve the desired cut, around 20% to 60% of the original weight is removed from the rough stone. The time, effort and machinery (diamond cutter) used to turn diamond into its desired shape has a big impact on its pricing.

Which is the cheapest cut of diamonds?

Price comparisons suggest that cushion cut diamond is usually the cheapest when it comes to engagement or wedding rings. This cut has existed for over 200 years. This antique cut of diamond was once referred to as a “candlelight diamond.” The reason was, this cut used to sparkle in the candlelight with its large facets. Back then, technology wasn’t that advanced. Therefore, it was hard to achieve the finest cuts of diamonds we have today.

Why is it named as cushion cut?

The reason why this cut of diamond is named as such is its cushion or pillow-like appearance. It is square-shaped with soft corners. This cut of diamond has a romantic essence. With a soft rounded look, its diamond complements every outfit and works for every event and occasion. This cheap cut of diamond varies in its proportions. Some of these cuts are long and narrow while the rest are square. No matter what the proportions of the stone are, its cushion-like appearance remains consistent.

What is the reason behind the popularity of cushion cut in diamonds?

When it comes to engagement rings, cushion cuts are extremely popular. Being affordable they make one of the most popular cuts among all fancy cuts of diamonds. That’s because they have a sophisticated appearance and they are not as expensive as the other options available in the market. From the classic single diamond ring to the center diamond in vintage style and halo rings, this cut of diamond is perfect for all. This is what makes it one of the most elegant cuts for anyone who is looking for an affordable yet sophisticated diamond engagement ring.

Wrapping up!

Diamonds are beautiful. However, they are not for everyone. The hefty price tag makes them unaffordable for the majority. The price of a diamond depends upon its shape and cut. If you want to invest in a diamond ring, do your research and choose the cut that suits your pocket. If you are looking for the cheapest option, the cushion cut is your answer. It is stylish yet less expensive when compared to the other options available in the market.

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