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Brazilian Waxing: 8 Questions You’re Too Shy to Ask

Guys, we understand that you have any questions regarding finding a male Brazilian, Manzilian, or Boyzilian, depending on your preference. Even some of our frequent Manzilian customers wait a very long to ask us the inquiries that make them blush. Here are the answers to the more frequently asked XXX-rated Manzilian inquiries. I’m happy to help.

Do I have to be fully naked for a Brazilian?

Yes, you must be; else, our therapists won’t be able to apply the wax on your bits as intended. Don’t be shy with that cause all our therapists are experts and they have seen everything, wax is their job. Wearing a disposable g-string is an option if you are undergoing a bikini or g-string wax, as some hair around these regions may not be eliminated.

Will the waxing be done by a male therapist?

No, at this time, every single one of our therapists is a woman. However, you can be confident that they have undergone the most rigorous training and always act with the utmost professionalism when treating patients.

What happens if I get aroused during the treatment?

Do not be concerned; this is a totally typical physiologic reaction that affects roughly 20% of males. It wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened. Sometimes, the body reacts nervously to intimate situations, and that’s not your fault! Of course, it’s embarrassing, we understand that. But, a simple apology and maybe a little break will help you cool off and recover. Again, you’ll never be a first in this area. And, you can be certain that a great professional esthetician will treat you kindly, with the utmost respect and understanding. Simply don’t react to it! The sensation will pass quickly, particularly after the therapists begin removing the wax from your Manzilian area.

What happens if there is pre-cum?

It’s unusual to have pre-cum or pre-ejaculation fluid. Our therapists are experts and may continue the therapy if they feel comfortable even if there are only a few drops. If you ejaculate, you will be asked to pay in full and leave immediately because it is not permitted.

Do you wax the penis shaft? Butt crack?

Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will wax any hair present. And that’s the point, right? –To leave your waxing appointment all cleaned up and worriless for your vacation or special occasion. Your waxer is sure to manipulate your body to get every last hair (even the space between your butt cheeks)! You can also request to leave a little up top, but it’s totally up to you. The butt crack waxing is typically rated as the least uncomfortable by customers. Once the bothersome hairs are taken out of the crack, you will feel immediate relief. Aside from that, you’ll quickly realize that cleaning up after using the restroom is much more hygienic.

What is the most popular Male Brazilian style?

About 80% of males genuinely ask for the entire day off. The remaining clients want to keep their top hair in a triangle shape, while a select number only needs a trim.

Is sex better after a Brazilian?

You can bet that it is, for both you and your spouse. You’ll feel more strong feelings on your silky smooth skin down there without hair. Once you’ve experienced that, we’re confident you won’t go back. And if your skin does not feel overly sensitive, you can have sex the same day as your wax.

Do straight guys book in for this treatment? Yes, at least 50 percent of our clientele are men. Men from all walks of life visit us for manzilians, and this number keeps rising. Whether you’re looking for genital wax or arm waxing, your esthetician won’t think anything about it! It’s just hair that needs to be removed. It’s that simple. Thousands of men wax everything from their butt to their chest to their eyebrows. We all have hair, and we all have personal preferences.

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