The Best Camping Equipment for Your Next Big Trip

Unplugging from the frenetic digital world, reconnecting with nature, and enjoying a campfire-roasted s’more? It’s no wonder that camping is one of America’s favorite pastimes, with more people than ever getting out to the campsite. 

Got your tent already? Good for you! But you might not know about the other camping essentials and outdoor survival tools to give you the best outdoor experience.

If you’re looking for the best camping equipment, keep reading. This article will explain the best camping essentials you’ve never thought of so you know what to take on a camping trip.

Axe or Hatchet

If you’re camping anywhere near the backcountry, an axe or hatchet should be on the top of your camping essentials list. This is one of the best camping tools because you can use it for a wide variety of survival purposes, including:

  • Building shelter
  • Cutting fuel for a campfire
  • Clearing undergrowth
  • Cleaning fish
  • If necessary, defending against wild animals

The only question is hatchet vs axe: which one do you need?

Axes have a longer handle which makes it easier to cut large quantities of wood. However, the long handle makes them harder to maneuver. They’re heavier, too.

You don’t need a Little House in the Big Woods axe for a short camping trip. Start with a high-quality hatchet and don’t forget to keep it sharp.


No, they’re not a useless extra. If you haven’t been out of the city in a while, you might forget that nights are, well, dark. Headlamps come in handy whenever you need to do something after nightfall and you remember that you can’t just flick on a light.

You’ll reach for your headlamp when you need a nocturnal bathroom break, or when you need to find your extra sweater or bug net in the middle of the night. 

Want to be a real camping pro? Buy a headlamp with a red light option. This gives a gentler light that won’t wake up the campers around you.

Lots and Lots of Paracord

When you go camping, we promise that something will go wrong. At some point, you’ll need to:

  • Fix a broken tent tarp
  • Create a makeshift shelter or fire shield
  • Patch up a torn backpack
  • Make a makeshift belt to keep your pants up
  • Hang your food in a tree to prevent animals from getting it
  • Lash your belongings into your canoe

When those things happen, you’ll be grateful that you brought paracord — a lot of paracord. Bring several lengths in a variety of thicknesses.

The Best Camping Equipment For Every Situation

Heading outdoors can be fun, but at times it’s unpredictable too. The best camping equipment is the tool that you can whip out to handle any problem that comes your way. With these tips for choosing the essential camping tools, you’ll be on your way to becoming a backcountry bushcrafter in no time!

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