Best 13 Tips and Tricks for Android App Developers in 2021

With android users being high in population, android app developers need to be aware of what the market wants, here are best 13 tips and tricks for android app developers to find their place in the industry

Keep posted on the Current Trends

Being aware of recent trends is a normal thing to do now as developers are expected  to know what users normally want  in their Android applications today. To be a master developer, you will have to be a good predictor on knowing the next big trend on social media, communities and other platforms. With increased improvements on modern devices and electrical mediums, the quality and functions of applications are normally expected to be suitable with their upgraded mobile phones.

Current news are the ongoing instances and events that influence the daily lives of consumers, innovators bring in new ideas and implementations and hence, have the ability to reach on a global scale. Being updated on the trends and new assessments on android platforms helps android developers to remain informed and open to introduce new features and functions to ease or excite users.

Design is fundamental

Using features that appeal the visual sense and experience of users are highly encouraged, most of the users go for an equally good functionality and an aesthetically designed application for their individual uses. Ever since the dark ages, humans have had a deep fascination with art and its subjectivity. Thinking back on it with modern thoughts, we can clearly state that humans are emotionally receptive beings and can be manipulated through external devices such as stimulants, bright colours, certain types of sounds or a brilliant composition of symmetrical elements in a painting.

You can learn about advanced design tools to include excellent designs or you can  hire android app developerwho is well versed in the field of design than go to this website. This way you find benefit in finding two major aspects of web development in one skilled individual.

Active Participation in Communities

Being a keen member of a community can get you in touch with people with similar interests, a place where you can learn and teach each other about common interests. As a new android app developer, try joining communities online and offline to be build alliances with other developers, this helps you learn about how other developers do their work. Who knows, there might be new strategies or techniques in developing apps that you didn’t know about.

 There are advantages of joining an android app community, there are opportunities to join in projects and collaborate with other developers. Developers who are a member in an app development community has shown to be more capable of handling advanced systems whereas for developers who are not in any app community, they lose the chance of being exposed to different ways and mechanism to enhance their skills and outlook.

Be a Good Listener to your Audience

This plays a major role in improving customer satisfaction, giving fast replies to negative reviews is a pro tip to provide customers some form of appeal on their side. It is also advised to reply these reviews with reassurance. Listening to the complaints of your target users is the best way to earn their trust and loyalty, thus often leads to an increase in your user base.

Pay attention to what details and drawbacks they complain about the app, this allows you to make some improvements to your app features and remember to present the adjustments to them. In this way, you can make users feel appreciated and heard. We know that the opinions of users are important but often we fail to remind users that their opinions are important.

Have Faith on your Idea

For independent developers, this is the first step to a fruitful journey. The idea you have in mind could seem life-changing or fun and entertaining.

Ensure you’ve done plenty of research on the industry, your competitors, the market and the user pool. Focus on the positives your app can offer and have a thought session on investing your savings into the app- or you could ask friends and family members for their help and support, as early investors. Offer no hesitation on this journey.

Evaluate yourself

While having faith in your abilities is important, being your own critic plays a vital role in further polishing your work. One of the most common but a question you should ask yourself is “Why should People install this app?” This question acts as a wake-up call to developers struggling to remain grounded with their reasons.

Try to view your work from an outside perspective, by thinking of it as not your own work but as an individual subject to study and dissect. Alliance Recruitment Agency Make points on why a thing needs to be changed and what features you can add into your app to improve its performance and content.

Focus on Polishing your Portfolio

Building a portfolio is something every newcomer has to go through because portfolios are used for evaluating your experience and level of expertise in the field of being an android app developer. Ensure there are sufficient samples to help present your skillful side in a successful manner.

Another perk of building your portfolio is that you get to practice and make samples for your work. It should be updated at a timely basis, try to maintain a steady supply of samples which you think are good enough to be presented. Also, an outdated portfolio does not improve chances of standing out. Check out portfolio samples and ideas online to see how latest portfolio builders structure the layout and essence of it all.

Include Simple Solutions

Instead of making your app as challenging as it can be, try to include simple elements to see how users generally react to. The features that users gave a positive response to can be kept in the application.

Analyse the Android Market

There is a manner of behaviour found in different user pools in the market, it is observed that even android users show specific mannerism on their android devices. Knowing how they normally behave is another important trait you should keep in mind.

There are considerably more Android users than ones that use IOS system, globally. Note that Android users do not pay as much as people who use IOS system, they are more likely to install apples that follow a freemium model and top revenues. Keep in mind that these elements play their parts in the strategy best suited for your application.

Know your Competitors

In order to figure out how to obtain revenues for your own app, newcomers need to know about pre-existing apps in the market. Try to understand what makes their app unique and business model stand out. This can help you set a price for your app’s actual worth.

Test Multiple times

The general protocol is to test your app before releasing it. Testing should be done at least more than once and modify it if there are any faults or glitches or any further additional features that seem missing. Frequent testing after completion of each development phrase are necessary to make improvements, potential crashes or better polish UI and UX

Be Consistent

It takes time and tests to say that an app is fully complete, learn from your mistakes and receive feedbacks or even try new approaches to solve the same issues and interruptions.

You can take different approaches to solve a problem, or using different ways of solving the same problem improves chances of finding the most effective solutio.

Big Ideas are still Ideas

The term scalability refers to the capacity to be changed in scale or size, and here it relates technicalities and the developer’s mindset. Unless the target users are purposely small in size and you know well enough that it affects the outcome of your business. New developers are encouraged to think big to believe in success.

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