Benefits of Magento 2 Migration

You can almost double up your revenue generation with the Magento 2 migration. Magento 2 is easier than Magento 1 because of its improved features and amazing user-friendliness.

The following are factors that need to be considered for the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

  • You will be required to re-code for the purpose of customization on Magento 1 .x
  • You need to be careful while data transferring because the migration process is very important.
  • Customization is mandatory because of the incompatibility of Magento 1 themes with the themes of Magento 2.
  • The overall migration process can take more than 8 weeks but it can vary product to product.
  • With Magento 2, you may face malfunction in the custom SEO solutions.
  • There can be a lack of extension’s availability and will require customization with Magento 2.

All the above-discussed factors can be better-taken care with the help of an expert Magento Developer.

Folio3 is a certified partner of Magento 2 and they are having expertise in designing, development, consulting, and Magento 2 migration services. Magento 2 offers the various benefits and here you can see a few of them that we have listed for the better visibility.

Enhanced User Interface with User Experience:

You will find Magento 2 friendlier with mobile and also supports responsive design in a creative manner. It has terminated the redundancy and made it faster than Magento 1.

Caching Improvement.

Full-page caching with support for Varnish 4 is provided by Magento 2. Facebook deals with the same virtual machine as Magento 2 is using which increases the speed of the page.

Top Performance

You will get improved performance and around 50% increase in page loading via techniques such as content caching of in-browser static, bundling of data, compression of image, and with the help of jQuery and Require JS in order the maintain JavaScript.


An optimized database is offered by Magento 2 in order to achieve the data quality which ultimately improves the page speeds.

Testing skills

Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Regression Testing assist in automating quality assurance procedures with the help of Magento 2.


You can get improved HTML 5 support with CSS preprocessor if you choose Magento 3 as customization is also easy. 

Developer friendly

It is not just user friendly but developers-friendly as well for adding & updating pages with links, menu or other functions which saves a lot of time


Optimization with Magento is easy because it manages the traffic of the page, duplicates the content, and also indexes efficiently.

Here comes the question from where such services can be taken so let me tell you that Folio3 is providing Magento migration services with their years of expertise in migrating various stores to Magento within little time with guaranteed data safety.

Folio3 has more than 10 years of experience providing Magento migration services. If you are looking for enhanced features, extremely pleasing user experience, improved functionality, and many other benefits then Magento migration services are all you need because of its specialization in designs, development, integration, migration, Magento 2 upgrade, support services, and Magento extensions development. 

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