5 Ways for A New Business to Increase Sales

If you are running a large, well-established business, you can afford to get a team of Increase Sales agents to keep the business rolling in. However, if you are a smaller business, or you have just started up, this might not be practical. The problem is, how do you get from being a small business to becoming a large organization without a sales team? Here are five ways for a new business to increase sales without hiring staff.

Get a Social Media Presence

Make sure you are on social media and that you have a lot to say about your company. Many forums will let you post for free at certain times of the month, so once you have tracked down your target audience and discovered what forums they are likely to use, get posting. Once your name and brand are on their minds, they are more likely to try you when they need your product or service.

Update Your Website

Your website is imperative to your business as many people won’t buy from a company they can’t google. There are some great templates for web design that you can make use of. Once your website is up and running people can see who you are and what you are selling at the click of a mouse. Hopefully, this should increase sales.


Don’t be afraid to outsource work if you think it will bring in business. To increase sales, you could outsource your telesales team so that they can contact potential customers for you. As this is likely to be one of several campaigns, they are working on at any one time, they won’t charge you for a full day’s work but only the time they spend trying to generate sales for your company. This can work out very cost-effective for you.  Just make sure you have a laptop or tablet that you can carry around with you in case you need to advise on short notice. These Lenovo small business laptops are ideal.


This can be done anywhere and everywhere. You can network at the gym, on the golf course, or check out some of the networking events that are regularly held all over the country. If you have a product to sell, then use it frequently. If people like it, they will ask questions. You don’t need to talk about business for hours; just explain briefly what you are doing and hand over a business card. They might turn into the best customer you ever had.


A happy customer could have lots of friends they could recommend you to, and this could help to increase your business. If you know you have done an excellent job, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. They could also write a review on your product or service if they are happy, and this will encourage more customers. Many entrepreneurs are nervous about doing this, but you could be throwing away valuable business if you don’t ask. Don’t despair if you have just started a business and sales are slow. Use these tactics to increase sales and you will be busy in no time.

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