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4 Benefits Instagram Brands Need to Know 

Instagram is more than viewing vacation posts of others and other travel images. The benefits of Instagram are far-reaching. Today, you can discover new products and services through Instagram influencers, friends tagging brands, and paid social media ads. But, as a brand, you need to find connections to your customers who are your business assets. It can be daunting to maintain and manage an Instagram account. As a business brand, put in the work and take time to drive sales. You can buy Instagram likes to show the support you get from people and reach new customers. Below are the benefits of Instagram brands might not know.  

  1. More consumers and businesses are joining daily

More than 30 million businesses use Instagram to market their services and products to their target audience. So it’s easy to see why people love using Instagram to shop. Plus, today, people want visual content through the instant access retail world to make their buy. Also, most of these consumers want content from people just like them and not just visuals. Thus, brands and retailers on Instagram leverage visuals to better detail and describe their products. Therefore, with a growing network. Shoppers know Instagram is a reliable platform for more product visuals and information. Instagram has also made it easy for both the seller and the consumer by making the app business-friendly as you can tag product features, share links and create a landing page for your business. 

  1. You can engage with customers where they spend their time
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People spend a lot of time on Instagram every day. So it is time for retailers and brands to network to connect and engage with their base. Plus, up to 80% of Instagram accounts follow at least one business. For brands that do not want to be bombarded by announcements, sales copy, and other messages. The visual network is perfect for them. So, Instagram works like how you follow your friend, and when you see a post from them, you like it. So for brands, it’s the same. You like it and engage if you have an interest. Plus, more than half of Instagram users find a new product on the platform. So, here you discover and educate yourself as a consumer on a new product.  

  1. You can easily target and retarget your audience 
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The key to the success of your ads is targeting the right audience. But how do you use Instagram to help you reach your ideal audience? Through social media platforms, especially Instagram. There is power and depths to help you reach your audience. Some of the targeting features include your location, which is not an issue whether you target one city or the whole country. Plus, Instagram can pinpoint gender demographics and language. If you are targeting a specific audience. Behavior and interest is another feature to target your customers. Thus you can retarget the potential customers who visited your site before and never made a purchase. Also, target the lookalike audiences. These are people similar to those that have purchased on your website or those following you. Since Instagram offers automated targeting, it gives you a head start to get an audience with an interest in your brand.

  1. Use all the visual marketing features on Instagram
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Visual content empowers shoppers to purchase with more in-depth images and details. However, this does not mean you add photos and videos of the products you sell and services you offer and call it a day. Join the brands and retailers creating better content that focus on the Instagram features and correct sizes that consumers and users enjoy. When you create engaging content, you capture your shoppers’ attention before scrolling past the post. So, to get the most out of your Instagram content, use large text, be succinct, create a clear path and avoid over designing. 

To conclude, you need to use the benefits of your Instagram to your advantage. To get the most of your platform and boost your return on investment, use business-specific features such as business profiles, shopping buttons in shopping, and targeted ad campaigns. Use the above benefits and others you learn along the way and see your business grow through Instagram. 

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